These People have got real Education.

Education is not just reading books, acquiring a degree but education is not just based sorely on school. Below is a list of people who in my understanding have got real education.

1.Wael Ghonim


A Computer Engineer and MBA grad responsible for the end of regime who has been destroying Egypt from past 30 years.Before becoming a revolutionist,he was working as a executive in Google.But some where in his mind he knows that his country needs a change,a change which is difficult to achieve yet necessary for the prosperity and better life of fellow Egyptians.

2. Geoffrey Canada

Einstein’s one’s said

“Be a man of value Not a man of success”

Geoffrey Canada is one of those man who believes in this quote.He has shown time and again that education is the surest path out of poverty.His non profit organization “The Harlem Children’s Zone” has established a new method to end the cycle of generational poverty.His influence on the education is so remarkable that Time’s decided to include his name in “Top 100 most influential people”.Really the traders of Education must learn a lesson from him.

3. Julian Assange

Freedom not only means that we can walk and eat freely.It also means that we can say freely whatever is true.Julian Assange ,computer programmer used his skills to show the world other side of the truth.The side which most of us do not believe even exist and the side which big powers do not want that the public should know about.He raised a question for thousands of common people “Are we free” ?? He is the founder of whistle blower website “wikileaks” .

4.Ron Bruder

Men like Ron Bruder are what we need in India.What is the need of that education which is taught to be forgotten.Students in India spends billions on that lousy education every year.But look at Ron Bruder,a successful real estate developer,who has been teaching high school and college graduates skills they could bring to the workplace.The students which are getting benefit from his organization EFE (employment for education) are the ones from Africa and middle east and have almost no money to pay.He is also among the Time’s most influential people

5.Aruna Roy


When we think of bureaucrats the first thing which came in our mind is corruption.Indian bureaucracy is responsible for the nasty corruption .But when we look at people like Aruna Roy ,we get a feeling that all people are not same.The lady resigned her job as a civil servant to fight for the betterment of Indian system.She played an active role in the formation Of ” Right To Information Act ” which later helped in uncovering various multimillion dollar scams and cases of misuse of public money by the ministers of central government.

This list is not complete and will never be since we have lots of people who have shown us time and again,how knowledge can be used to change the society.The People above are the ones from whom i get inspiration.Education is not only reading books and solving problems or cramming some notes.Our degree of involvement in various social issues and their removal also defines how well educated we are.

Please share your views about the people you think who had got real education and help us all to write a next article for the above topic

Earn through Social Networking

Many people who wish to make money online but don’t have got smart approach towards running an internet business often ask about the simplest way with which THEY can make money online. I have received dozens of emails till now with people usually asking me the same old question – “how should I make money online? I don’t know…blah blah”

Such people usually don’t have much knowledge on how to do article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and all such sorts of things with which pro’s make thousands of dollars online every month but listening to which these newbies just start banging their head on the desk (ohkay that’s too much). 

We know many people who earn from internet, but when we compare us from them then we get the diffrence we are not as much technical they are. So for a new bee or a non technical person, They  can earn through social networking.

So here is the way,

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Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india

If you are searching for list of top 100 engineering colleges in in india then you have landed in the right place.

I also did what you are doing right now (searching for top 100 engineering colleges in india in google and yahoo) back in my studying days.And believe me it is the biggest mistake which i ever did in my life . I know you are not going to believe me that easily so i have my evidences .

Here the reasons for not searching top 100 engineering colleges in india. Continue reading “Are you searching top 100 engineering colleges in india”

Python Tutorials

We are very happy to start a new section “Python Tutorials “on crazylearner.  Hope you will enjoy our Free python Tutorials online.In the section of Python Tutorials , our First  objective is to clear all the initial informations regarding the language like: Why python, its perquisites ,obtaining python for your computer.

Although Python is a high-level language, it is not English or some other natural human language. The Python translator does not understand “add the numbers two and three”. Python is a formal language with its own specific rules and formats, which these tutorials will introduce gradually, at a pace intended for a beginner.

Python Tutorials


Why Python?

The first and the most important question is to ask yourself that why should you go for PYTHON and not any other language?

Well,  Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and use, while at the same time being very powerful. It is used by many of the most highly productive professional programmers. A few of the places that use Python extensively are Google, the New York Stock Exchange, Industrial Light and Magic, etc.

Prerequisites of learning python

  •  You need a basic understanding of programming
  •  You need experience writing working code in a modern programming language.
  • Perl,PHP,Java,JavaScript,C++.
  •  You need a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming as Python is an Object Oriented Scripting language.
  •  You need a Text Editor.

Obtaining python for your computer

If you do need a copy of Python, go to the Downloads page linked to Be careful to choose the version for your operating system and hardware.


You just need to execute the installer, and interact enough to agree to all the default choices. Python works in Windows as well as on Apples and in the free operating system Linux. The latest stable version is 3.3


Double-click on the installer. Find and run the MacPython.mpkg that is inside. Follow the defaults for installation.


Python is generally installed, though Idle is not always installed. Look for something like ‘idle-python’ (the name in the Ubuntu distribution).

Hope our very first post regarding the language helped you to understand the basics of the language.Next we would post about the coding (conditionals and loops).

Till then “Stay Happy,Stay Foolish,Stay Blessed”.  🙂

List of operating systems used in mobile phones

While i searching about some operating system used for hacking then i got a idea to write a post about list of operating used in mobiles. Many of us having vast knowledge about Mobile phones and their features. But very few know about the operating system used in mobiles

So here is the list of some Operating system used in mobile phones

  • Android


Android is the name of the Linux based operating system that is backed by Google and the other members of the Open Handset Alliance. Because of Android’s open source nature, Android based smartphones should be cheaper to produce than those that use operating systems.

And there are various mobile which used this operating system And some top smartphone which use the same platform like Sony xperia , HTC Desite , LG optimus etc

  • Apple iOS

apple symbol

Apple released the iOS operating system which is used in iPhone was launched on 29th June 2007 when the iPhone was developed. Since then there were many updates of iOS and the latest one is the iOS 6. Apple iOS is unique and is only for Apple iPhone & iPad and no other manufacturer can use this operating system platform.

Some of the latest Windows Phones are iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G,  iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad2, iPad3.


  • BlackBerry OS

blackberry symbol

Blackberry OS developed by Research In Motion (RIM) and was released in 1999. BlackBerry Os is running on every smartphone which is designed by RIM and the strange part is that Blackberry OS is totally dissimilar from other operating systems.

Some of the latest Phones are Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Torch.


  • Windows OS

windows-icon-window operating system mobile

Windows OS is widely known OS as this is used in our desktop and Laptop computers but not everyone knows about Windows OS in detail because it is used in computers all over the world, but Windows OS running on Computer and mobile phone are totally different things.

Some of the latest Windows Phones are Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan 2.




Symbian OS is formally the possessions of Nokia. If any company wants to work on this OS will have to take consent from Nokia. Nokia was a leader in the mobile market, so after Java symbian was ultimately widely used mobile phone some time ago when iOS and Android were not in the picture.

Some of the latest Phones are which using above operating system is Nokia E6, Nokia 808 , Nokia 701,  Nokia C 6.




Exactly like Nokia Samsung also has own operating system named as BADA. It was intended for high and Low end smartphones. Bada is a user friendly, effective & efficient operating system, Strange thing is that Samsung do not use Bada OS on a big scale for its handsets instead Samsung too uses Android on a immense scale for some unidentified reasons.

Some of the latest Phones are which using above operating system is Samsung Wave, Samsung Wave2, Samsung Wave3.


Palm OS (Garnet OS)


Palm OS was created by Palm Inc in the year 1996 in particular for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistance) and is used my many huge companies like Lenovo and IBM. Palm OS was originally intended to work on touchscreen Graphic User Interface. It was updated few years later and was able to work with and sustain smartphones. Unluckily Palm OS was not able to do well in the market & due to that it is not being used in any of the latest top devices.

Open WebOS

Open WebOS -logo

Open WebOS or Hp WebOS or just WebOS which was originally created and promoted by Palm Inc in the year 2009 but years later this OS was acquired by Hewlett Packard. At that time this OS was used in several Smartphones & tablets.



Nokia & Maemo both companies came together to create an operating system for smartphones & internet tablets, named as Maemo. Similar to other devices the user interface of Maemo also contains a menu which provides user an access from which the user can go to any location.



MeeGo was fundamentally called as a mobile platform but it was in reality intended to run several electronic devices which includes handhelds, in car devices,

television sets & in even net books. All the devices on which MeeGo OS can operate although have the similar core but difference lies entirely in the interface according to the device.

There are more Mobile Operating systems and if rumors are to be believed then we we’ll be lucky enough to see Firefox Mobile. Android has emerged as an undisputed winner, nevertheless, if we compare in terms of profits & expansion, Apple iOS has emerged as the biggest Tech company which leaves Google Android far behind.

Android Games Hack

Todays Tutorial is on Android games hack, Here i am going to tell you some tips and tricks using  which you can skip some processes , regain life  , get infinite points , bonus , power etc.It totally depends on  the game, the hacked app and how the tools react to the  gaming apps.Good luck for your games guys. !!

Android Games Hack

The following are the best OS android games hacking tools which I have found till now, If any wise chap out there knows anything else regarding the same, please do share with us. And the topic of this post can be  Android game hack Gun strike,Android game hack temple run, Android game hack jet pack joyride, and Android game hack subway surfers

1. SBGameHacker – Download Link
2. Game Guardian – Download Link
3. GameCIH – Download Link
4. Game Killer – Download Link

Video tutorials on how to use the game hacking tool can be found in this – Youtube Channel

Some features you can edit through these can be

  • Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool
  • Change Game Speed


Its applicable only for ROOTED devices

You will become a TOP  ranker in any game! You could modify the game state(score, money, HP, …) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability etc.

These App allow you to change the values of your  game coins/money. It works great, I’ve used it with gun strike, temple run, jet pack joyride, and subway surfers. Just make sure that if it’s a game that can be  played online, turn your data and wifi off or it will not work!!

If that’s a sever sided game you’re most likely out of luck

Advantages of Rooting Android

It was yesterday when we had put up some questions to our fans on FB page about the concept of Rooting, many of them were eager to know about why rooting ,benefits of rooting or advantage of rooting. It was then brought to my attention that a lot of people are unaware of the full potential that they have in their hands and pockets for most of the day , So this motivated me to write a post on Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android. Well I would try my best to clarify all the concepts in most simple(non geek) way.

Everyone loves freedom! But only a few people try taking steps towards the path of freedom and Rooting of android is also a similar step. When we talk about Android then this term is known as Rooting while we talk about Apple then its known as Jail breaking.  Google is  much more relaxed about rooting than Apple is about jailbreaking.

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Why Rooting or Advantages of Rooting Android

Here are listed some great benefits or advantages of android

  • Overcloaking

When you root your android device you also get control over the hardware components, making overclocking and undervolting possible. Has your phone started to get laggy? You can install applications that can overclock and make your device super-fast. It’s very common to overclock a 1GHz CPU to 1.6GHz, of course with greater chances of instability.

  • Custom ROM

Custom ROMS change the whole User Interface of your Device so, you can choose from hundreds of custom ROMS whatever you like. Some of the custom ROMS focus on giving you extra functionality and some of the ROMS make your overall device experience very smooth and beautiful. The best thing about installing custom ROMS is ,you never get bored of your device. Once you start to get bored ,you can flash in new ROM and bamm! Your device is new all over again.

  • Extreme Customization

This ties into the looks , speed and performance sections. Being able to say that no one around has the same phone as you is nice (iPhone users reading this don’t know what it’s like). But the moment when you do see someone with your phone, and you can still say your phone is different, is priceless. like using GDM Gesture control

  • Free Internal Storage

 When you install an application on your phone it is installed on the system memory – by rooting your device you can move these applications to SD card easily and hence can save a lot of memory. Even you can remove the bloatware that can also help freeing up devices memory.

  • Safety

In the play store you have two paid android antivirus application, rooting makes your phone safer. You can use many antivirus that are provided by third party helping you to know more about your device safety.


  • New World of Apps

By rooting your android device you can install apps that can access deep down your operating system and perform their tasks more painlessly. For example, Super User is an application that only runs on a rooted device and it allows you to give privilege (to other apps) of accessing the root of your device.

  • Speed/battery life boost

By just rooting android smartphone you can also ramp up its power.You can use several battery saving applications on your smartphone which only works when you have a root access. There are many custom ROMS which you can install on your smartphone and they assure you getting increased battery life.

  • Latest OS

The reason why we get the android updates late is that our Phone skins are built on top of stock android, so once the update reaches the carriers and phone manufactures they customize it to make their android flavors according to the latest update.

Android Developers are on the other hand working day and night to bring out the latest Android Updates to your devices even before the carriers and the manufactures –  Another good reason why rooting your device is worth it.

  • Backup

There are several apps like Titanium which can automatically take backup of your phone apps, pics , video , important data etc. over a frequent interval of time.

  • Automation Tool

Tasker is an automation tool for Android. Tasker can watch for certain conditions (from phone orientation and location to y and z), and when those conditions are met, it can do anything from open applications, toggle system settings, send SMS messages, and even speak alerts aloud if you ask it to. Virtually anything your Android device can do can be automated with Tasker, and when you combine Tasker’s automation tools with conditions that you set, for example, “Arrived at work” or “Out of range of my Wi-Fi network,” based on your GPS location, you can see how much potential the tool really has

  • Ditching Screen

Most of the people  hate the software skins that are built on top of Android phone. These skins are mostly heavy, design-wise ugly and destroy the overall android experience. I have used TouchWiz and Sense skins they are no way near stock android in terms of design, fluidity and user experience.

  • Quality Improving

You can Install many mods to improve camera, audio and video playback quality like Installing  Beats Audio Drivers to enhance audio output

  • Remove Unwanted Applications
  • Root Call Bloacker
  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Keyboard Manager
  • LEDs Hack
  • Samba Filesharing
  • Gaming

Six axis Controller app for Android. It allows you to use a PS3 wireless controller to play games.


So now you have read about the Advantages of Rooting an Android Device.This is the part where you head over to XDA Developers, go to the top right, and type in your phone. From there, you can find guides on rooting, installing ROMs, and tips and tricks. The best ROMs are the ones that people try to port like MIUI, Cyanogen Mod, and others depending on your phone.

I try to cover all Advantages of Rooting Android still share your Advantages of Rooting Android in comment section.


Youtube Commands – Hacking Tricks or Youtube Hacking

Many people got shocked when they heard the term Youtube hacking and many newbies search for this term to finding a youtube tricks.
Exactly Youtube Hacking is just like Google Hacking. For desired result we use appropriate or specific command on Google and using of these keyword is Known as Google hacking. Similar to Google Hacking  there are also some command which used on youtube and such command called Youtube hacking.
Youtube Commands - Hacking Tricks or Youtube Hacking
Youtube Hacking

So here are 10 you tube Commands

1. channel – This Searches only YouTube channels

2. this week | today | this month – Searches videos uploaded in the given time frame.

3. partner – Searches for video uploaded by YouTube partners only.

4. movie – Searches for full length movies available on YouTube.

5. hd – Limits only HD quality videos.

6. 3d – Limits only 3D videos.

7. playlist – returns only videos in playlists.

8. long – Returns videos that are 20 minutes or longer.

9.Do you want to view the adult videos withour loggin in?- Add NSFW before the word Youtube in your URL. eg –

Now the last but not the least trick, through this way you can easily find YouTube videos related to your nearby areas.A new web app ‘Videos Near Me’ has been introduced,by which you can find the videos.Actually this app takes help of YouTube geo-tagging and shows the videos of location that you choose on Google map(in a range of 2 miles).

How to get ‘Videos Near Me’
  • For this first of all go to the link given below:
  • Now you will see Google map on the top.
  • Here select your location by dragging the red marker.
  • After that all the videos in the range of 2 miles of the location that you have chosen will be shown.

Keep visiting 🙂

This information is just for educational purpose. If someone use in malicious activity then only he is responsible for it.

Best 6 ways to wish someone Happy birthday on Facebook

It was my sister’s birthday last week who lives in USA, well certainly i could not wish her personally. Although i sent her a gift, i was wondering to wish her in a special way on Facebook that’s on our virtual world. So i found out some ways and I am sharing all those ways with you. Read them, follow them and make your dear ones happy.

Best 6 ways to wish someone Happy bithday on Facebook

Make a note and Dedicate it.

it make feels awesome , when you write a note and mention some old talks or instant or realize him or her of memories

Post A Photo on Their Wall

You can post a photo on their wall. well, the photo can be a customized one, or childhood pic or related to a special memory. It will definitely bring a huge smile on your dear one’s face! Mission Accomplished..

Make them an Animoto Video

All you have to do is choose a theme, an assortment of pictures and some music, and Animoto will mix them together and generate a music video with professional special effects. These really go a long way to showing someone you care, and don’t really take a lot of time. Give it a shot!

Surprise Birthday Fan Page

If you’re looking to be a bit creative, make them a surprise birthday fan page! Make a private fan page and invite all of the special person’s friends to join. Maybe name it “Happy Birthday” or “Person is the Best!”. This works nice for those big years for people who aren’t in town or available to come to the party.

Use a Third Party Gift Application

There are many great gift applications that allow you to send gifts for free. Some have extremely high quality and will really bring a smile to the person’s face. A personal favorite of mine is “Tooniez”, which consists of short animation videos with funny characters. Try it out and send one over.

Last but not the least, Send a Private Message

you can search on Google to wishing someone on his birthday, you get a ample of messages which make them feel so special.

hope you like above 6 ways to wish someone Happy Birthday on Facebook. Share your way to wish someone happy birthday in special manner in comment section.

Google Cookies

Are Google Cookies a threat or privlidge ??

Google is the best search engine today. We all love Google, In fact many of us open Google to check if our Internet connection is working or not !! I know its funny but its a fact.
Google is the best place to search and find things that we do not know about.


But how many of you know about Google Cookies ??
We all know about Browser Cookies, Cookies simply store all the searches. Cookies are used to store the information about the visitors and also they are used to store the Login informations like username, passwords, etc.

Similar to Browser Cookies, Google also have Cookies.
Google builds up a detailed profile of your search terms over many years. So Google probably know when you were in love for the first time,
what diseases your children have had, who was your first crush and other things you have had searched about on google.

Google stores all the information regarding your search query, time etc. They save all this for our privlige, for our benefit.
When you will search something on google then it will show results using your old search queries.

If you want to hide all information from google then i have a solution for you !!

  • G-zapper

It helps you to stay anonymous while searching on google by deleting or blocking the google cookies that track your preferance and search history.G-Zapper helps you protect your identity and search history. G-Zapper will read the Google cookies installed on your PC, display the date it was installed, determine how long your searches have been tracked,  and display your Google searches. G-Zapper allows you to automatically delete or entirely block the Google search cookie from future installation. Easily block Google cookies and clean cookies with G-Zapper

If you don’t want a G-zapper, try a web-proxy.

The beauty with these sites is that you/your pc never makes contact with google or any other site.
All the information is sent through the proxy site’s servers.
It leaves no trace. is good but it doesn’t allow for google images, videos, etc. is better but it also doesn’t work for google images. is great, it access images, videos, etc.

Recently I’ve been testing to get to the places others don’t reach. By the way VPN is also a nice option.