Top 5 tips for Building Resume I would like to give.

Top 5 tips for Building Resume I would like to give.

I have already shared some important information regarding the resume in other posts. Here I would like to brief it into the top 5 tips  for building resume.

A) Please do your groundwork. Make sure you have best answers for the known questions like tell about your self, your strengths, weaknesses, biggest achievement in your life, why u want to join in xxx company, expected salary, what will u do if u get a better offer than this, dream company, how long u will be with our company, where do u want to see yourself down the line 5 years, biggest hurdle in your life and how u successfully come across that, will u be interested if we put u in Pakistan/someplace where no one likes to go.

B) Please go through the basics of OOPS, Data Structures, C, Operating System, Software Engineering(Especially SDLC models), Networking basics, DBMS(For CSE/IT students). For other majors, Please go through basics of C and area of interests you mentioned in your resume.
If you fail to answer ONE basic question, possibility of u getting rejected would be high. It happened several times in my case where I failed to answer a very basic question but answered well for remaining 20/30+ questions. But I was rejected in the Interview.

C) Please try to have someone as your career guide who can assist you if you are not sure about what answer you have to give for a question. They might be your college senior/friend/relative.

D) Please talk to the point and don’t give too much of examples. Everyone in the world loves the people who talks to the point. Loose talk might result in unexpected questions from interviewers.

E) Give your best and don’t worry about the results. Keep in mind that there are 1000+ IT companies in India and if you are rejected in an interview that is not the end of road for you. You still have 999+ options with you.

Use always Positive terminology.

  • Resume length depend on your skills.
  • Tile size is of 14, If it is bold then use 12.
  • Content size should be 12.
  • The font should be Roman.

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