CM Sangma Lays Base for College and Hospital at Mahendraganj

For someone who has always given paramount importance to the need of the citizens of the state, Dr. Sangma, the CM of Meghalaya, always looks for ways so that he could improve their lives for the better. He recently laid the foundation of the Science and Commerce College at Mahendraganj on 27th of November, 2017 and he also laid the base for the new Maternity and Child Health Hospital here. Infant mortality in the state was a matter of concern a few years back but with the improvement of healthcare facilities in the state, the numbers had gone down. Yet there was still a lot to be done and this hospital would especially cater to the needs of expectant mothers, their new born infants and child care. The event was graced by a number of dignitaries like Winnerson Sangma, Dikkanchi Shira and Zenith Sangma.

The Maternity and Child Care Hospital is to come up at Mahendraganj, and it was going to be constructed on a plot at Nokma in baksapara and this was situated just a few kilometers away. In the same way, the college was to be set up at Baksapara and would greatly help the students who had to constantly relocate and migrate to other parts of the country because they felt there were no proper provisions for them in the state. Dr. Mukul Sangma stated that the highest numbers of government employees were recruited in the education department and if the healthcare and education of the state can be improved on, then the state would progress in leaps and bounds.

He laid stress on the face that now was the time to look into the even distribution of the colleges and medical institutions throughout the state, rather than only concentrating them in and around Shillong because the people in the interiors also needed access to the best facilities that the state had to offer. The hospital would finally address issues just for young mothers and children. He said that a new town would be developed around the college once it was completed and that this area would become a major hub in Shillong. Dikanchi Shira also made a speech and stressed that the Government was always working relentlessly for the improvement of the people and that the Meghalaya State Government would leave the college and the hospital as legacies to the people.

Mukul Sangma as a Gifted singer and Performer

It is safe to say that Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma is a talented personality. Apart from being a successful medical practitioner with many triumphs under his belt, Dr. Sangma is also a talented singer. Shillong is considered to be the Rock Capital of India, and it is only appropriate that the head of the capital should be an avid singer. Although Dr. Sangma is a serious politician most of the time, he can be the life and soul of a party once he decides to let his hair down. Mukul Sangma singing has brought his colleagues and even his opponents closer to him on many occasions. A recent video which gained popularity on social media featured Dr Sangma, accompanied by law minister Rowell Lyngdoh and the leader of the opposition Dr Donkupar Roy, singing along to the famous Beatles song, “All my lovin’”. The event in question was the wedding of the chief minister’s daughter. Seeing Dr Mukul Sangma singing, his colleague and his dissenter joined him for an impromptu performance. This kind of camaraderie is hardly visible between politicians nowadays.

He has also sung numerous times at parties organized to invite delegates. He has performed with Colours, a band in Shillong at the Amrapati South West Garo Hills on the 21st Meghalaya Day Celebration. The CM charmed the audience by lending his voice to a breathtaking cover of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”. The performance was astounding to say the least, and left the audience mesmerized at the CM’s vocal dexterity.

Dr. Mukul Sangma also has a Christmas album to his name. The album was published quite a while ago, when he was the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. He has delivered the inaugural speech at the Songs and Dances of the North-East festival, held by the Meghalaya government in Delhi. It is delightful to see that the current CM of Meghalaya is not just an efficient and tactful politician, but also a gifted artist who does not shy away from entertaining both guests and citizens at any given opportunity.