These People have got real Education.

Education is not just reading books, acquiring a degree but education is not just based sorely on school. Below is a list of people who in my understanding have got real education.

1.Wael Ghonim


A Computer Engineer and MBA grad responsible for the end of regime who has been destroying Egypt from past 30 years.Before becoming a revolutionist,he was working as a executive in Google.But some where in his mind he knows that his country needs a change,a change which is difficult to achieve yet necessary for the prosperity and better life of fellow Egyptians.

2. Geoffrey Canada

Einstein’s one’s said

“Be a man of value Not a man of success”

Geoffrey Canada is one of those man who believes in this quote.He has shown time and again that education is the surest path out of poverty.His non profit organization “The Harlem Children’s Zone” has established a new method to end the cycle of generational poverty.His influence on the education is so remarkable that Time’s decided to include his name in “Top 100 most influential people”.Really the traders of Education must learn a lesson from him.

3. Julian Assange

Freedom not only means that we can walk and eat freely.It also means that we can say freely whatever is true.Julian Assange ,computer programmer used his skills to show the world other side of the truth.The side which most of us do not believe even exist and the side which big powers do not want that the public should know about.He raised a question for thousands of common people “Are we free” ?? He is the founder of whistle blower website “wikileaks” .

4.Ron Bruder

Men like Ron Bruder are what we need in India.What is the need of that education which is taught to be forgotten.Students in India spends billions on that lousy education every year.But look at Ron Bruder,a successful real estate developer,who has been teaching high school and college graduates skills they could bring to the workplace.The students which are getting benefit from his organization EFE (employment for education) are the ones from Africa and middle east and have almost no money to pay.He is also among the Time’s most influential people

5.Aruna Roy


When we think of bureaucrats the first thing which came in our mind is corruption.Indian bureaucracy is responsible for the nasty corruption .But when we look at people like Aruna Roy ,we get a feeling that all people are not same.The lady resigned her job as a civil servant to fight for the betterment of Indian system.She played an active role in the formation Of ” Right To Information Act ” which later helped in uncovering various multimillion dollar scams and cases of misuse of public money by the ministers of central government.

This list is not complete and will never be since we have lots of people who have shown us time and again,how knowledge can be used to change the society.The People above are the ones from whom i get inspiration.Education is not only reading books and solving problems or cramming some notes.Our degree of involvement in various social issues and their removal also defines how well educated we are.

Please share your views about the people you think who had got real education and help us all to write a next article for the above topic