Top 10 Brilliant Web Design Trends for 2018

The digital world has entered in 2018 with lots of hopes and opportunities for people across the world. 2017 was the year in which, different technologies lead the world from the front and 2018 will also be the year that will prefer rich digital experiences. Latest technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, and different others are also now on the mainstream. If you talk about the online industry, it is getting more advanced every year and lots of new designs and user-interface elements make their world every year. In 2018 as well, there are plenty of web design trends that are expected to get the world’s attention in this newly arrived year. If you also belong to the online industry and thinking to strengthen your position to a great extent, read about the 10 brilliant web design trends that are expected to get more worth in 2018:
1. Playful Illustration You must have seen a number of websites having some playful illustrations in them. This trend remained famous in 2017 and will certainly get more attention in 2018 for a number of reasons. One of the top reasons is that brands do want to stand out as better than others and illustrations can effectively help them in doing so. An illustration happens to be a perfect way to inject a dashing personality into a site. There a number of practical ways you can use to present or explain your information in an effective way. Remember, the illustrations come in infinite styles, shapes, and sizes. Considering this, every business can make the most of them by perfectly using them in order to get their audience’s attention.

2. Microinteractions Whoever uses the internet comes across with Microinteractions all the time. The product moments that are done in a single use case are considered as Microinteractions. In our daily online activities, we come across with different easy activities like clicking on “Like” button on Facebook or Instagram. When you make a call on your mobile by just clicking on “call”, you actually make a Microinteraction. When they are effectively used on websites, they work perfect in getting the attention of people and attract them to take some actions.

3. Photo Content There is a general concept in the web industry that photos play a great role in promoting a product or service. Most of marketers also believe that photos play a decisive role in making a product better than others. The more attractive and original photos you use, the more genuine response you get from your audience. The time has gone when websites would use stock photos of different models. Today, in 2018, a consumer likes to see the original photos of its favorite brand and now people not just buy a product or service, they make relations with their favorite brand. 4. Videos Just likes images, videos also play a great role in describing and explaining information. 2017 was the year in which, the trend of videos didn’t fade at all and the same is expected for 2018. Using a video to promote your products or services is the right option for you as it can help you produce better interactions with your customers. You can come across with different top websites in your industry and you will find that most of sites have video in an excessive quantity. There are also a number of benefits of using a video on a landing page.

5. Cinemagraphs Since they are visually striking, Cinemagraphy has also got a great importance during some recent years. In 2018 as well, this trend will get more importance and more elements with different repeated movements will make their strong hold in the online world.But, remember, the Cinemagraph GIF you create should not be over 3MB as people will might then consider streaming a video instead.

6. Creative Typography 2017 was the year when plenty of creative typographies maintained their strong hold in the online world. This trend is likely to continue with more advancement in 2018. Expert typographers will come up with more bold and creative typography that will take up more paces on screen.

7. Flat Designs For the betterment of mobile performance, designers and developers have again started making clean, simple, and flat designs of websites. Since there are more mobile users and image-heavy websites that get slow while loading on mobiles, web developers and designers prefer to come up with simple and flat designs so that they can easily open on every device and screen size.

8. SVGs SVGs files have also got the digital media’s attention during some recent years and it is also expected that this trend will get more attention in 2018. The best thing about this format is that it works with vector graphic and work brilliantly for logos and images. That’s why, designers who provide custom logo design services make full use of SVGs.

9. Flexbox Flexbox is a CSS3 layout that works efficiently with the page layouts that needs to be used in various devices and screen sizes. The trend has successfully gained the attention of the developers and they are making the most of it to come up with clean and hack-free responsive designs.

10. Responsive Designs Last, but not least, the trend of responsive designs will also improvise its worth in the coming years. A responsive design is not just an option for a site rather it has become essential to do so because people use smartphones more. Whether mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, or wearables, your design should be 100% responsive to all.