3 Reasons Why Linux Server Is The Best Server Operating System

Before going in the deep and digging out the pros and cons of Linux server let’s begin with understanding what is a Linux server? Linux server is one step ahead to Linux open source operating system which is efficiently designed to cater the growing demands and needs of business applications like database management, network administration, system administration and other web services.

Linux severs are flooded with various advantages over any other basic server or operating systems like their level of security, stability and flexibility. Linux operating systems are way wide range and are exceptionally suitable for server setups. Linux are a perfect getaway from windows and offer the users a much reliable atmosphere. Linux server is way more different from a general Linux distribution. They offer excellent desktop environments and also support increased flexibility and enhanced level of permissions with a high stability ratio.

Servers are often considered to be computers with some special specifications. A server ensures great efficiency, better security and maximum up time. Likewise a Linux server operating system keeps in first place the resource consumption and safety and offers the client the required content.

According to a survey, at present there are almost 28 percent of Linux based servers which favor longer support and stability to the clients. There are various Linux operating servers like- Ubuntu, openSUSE, Oracle Linux, Container Linux, CentOS, Arch Linux, Mageia, Clear OS, Slackware, Gentoo, Fedora, Debian etc.

Let’s now discuss the reasons why Linux server is one of the most common platforms to be used by the people:
1. Being able to provide a vast range of valuable tools based on one click installation or easy installation, Linux is one of the easiest and supportive platforms for beginners or novices. It offers a great flexibility to the users by enabling them to switch between servers. Users can easily switch to windows from Linux anytime they want.

2. It is an open source platforms which offers an active support of many free open source applications. There are countless add-ons available to be connected to the Linux server and there are thousands of such applications which are free from any kind of licensing fees allowing the Linux server to be one of the most economical options for the beginners. Being an open source platform or windows server, Linux involves the contribution of users into its development. Coming across any critical issue in Linux, the users will find a supportive team to resolve their issues with a sure shot solution.

3. Linux shared hosting is very compatible enough owing to the worldwide developers who keep on experimenting with the hosting to build a powerful and most flexible platform with most advanced technologies.

In addition to these features, Linux servers are portable enough to be able to work on different platforms or hardware and are also multi-user systems. Multiple users can access various applications, Ram or memory at the same time without affecting the reliability and safety of the server. Linux is fast, flexible, free and full of amazing features making it one of the most used servers around the world.

NTLDR is missing in windows 7 or NTLDR is missing in xp

Hello friends , Welcome to the tutorials of Hiren Boot cd 15. in todays tutorial we try to fix NTLDR is missing in windows 7 or xp through Hiren boot cd.

NTLDR is missing in windows 7 or NTLDR is missing in xp
NTLDR is missing in windows 7 or NTLDR is missing in xp

How to fix i t?? when you got struck witf problem of ntldr is missing in window 7 or ntldr is missing in Xp.

So here it is Some Simple steps to fix ntldr for windows

NTLDR (abbreviation of NT Loader) is the boot loader for all releases of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system up to and including Windows 8, 7, XP and Windows Server 2003.
What is the cause behind ntldr is missing ??
Cause behind:
1. New hard disk drive being added.
2. Corrupt boot sector / master boot record.
2. Computer hard disk drive is not properly setup in BIOS.
3. Corrupt NTLDR and/or NTDETECT.COMin windows 7 or ntldr is missing in XP file.
4. Misconfiguration with the boot.ini file.
5. Attempting to upgrade from a Windows 95, 98, or ME computer that is using FAT32.
6. Computer is booting from a non-bootable source.
7. Computer hard disk drive is not properly setup in BIOS.
8. Seriously corrupted version of Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
9. Loose or Faulty IDE/EIDE hard disk drive cable.

I will tell you the easiest way to fix NTLDR is missing in window 7 or Ntldr is missing in XP

in order to fix the NTLDR issue you 2 ways
1- VIA hiren Boot CD 15<==>Easy
2- VIA ms-DOS console <==> Hard

You will first need to download Hirens boot cd.

Burn it to disk with Active@ ISO Burner. or make usb of hiren boot cd.

Next you will need to set the computer in question to boot from cd.

After Hirens boot cdhas booted go down to fix ntldr missing.

It will ask you what operating system to fix select your operating system. here is your screen shot



Wala you are good to go.

Alternat way to fix ntldr is missing in windows 7 or ntldr is missing in xp

what you should do :
1 – find any windows XP OS on a different computer
2 – go to any folder in it
3 – from the upper menu choose , Tools/Folder Options/View
4- scroll down , and check “Show Hidden Files And Folders” / beneath it ther’s a sentence saying “Hide Protected Operating System Files And Folders” <== UNCHECK
5 – open C: drive you will see as in the “Hidden” NTLDR , NTDETECT , BOOT.INI
6 – copy all three of them to a flash memory VIA USB thumb Drive “Size Around 200KB”
7-Insert hiren BOOT CD 15 or earlier , choose to boot from the CD – DVD drive
8-When you got the HBCD pop up Dos Menu , Choose – Mini Windows XP
9- Let it load / after the loading is done you will see a windows XP booting from the LIVE CD
10- plug your usb thumb drive in the PORT
11-On the Desktop There’r and ICON with the SHAPE of the USB called “REMOVABLE DEVICE”-Click On It-.
12- you will see the name of your usb in the computer , open it , copy the 3 files and paste them into the C: Drive
13-do a clean restart from the Mini Windows , or a Shutdown !
14 – your problem should be fixed.

PS : Paste your files , in the ROOT of windows XP
ex : win 7 is on “D” and XP is on “C” , you paste it on “C” 🙂
hope this will help
Same work for window 7

IT infrastructure in software companies

In this post i am gonna tell you, about how IT infrastructure is organized in Multinational  software companies.This post can also be used as a reference for non software companies also.With technology infrastructure i mean how various people are connected with each other , how mails and other message applications are organized .We are not going into details of development infrastructure.We are only going into details of the underlying support infrastructure.

So what are the requirements of IT infrastructure ?

First of all IT infrastructure should connect each and every person of the company irrespective of office location.

IT infrastructure should also connect each and every department of the company with each employee of the company irrespective of office location.

The communication should be fast .The communication should not be delayed.

The communication channel should be broad . If one person wants to share a file with other person , proper channel must be there .

It should be secure .

Various infrastructure channels and tools must be accessed at a click of a mouse.

Various software and hardware tools which are used to implement this IT infrastructure.

Lets start with core of IT infrastructure .The core consists of intranet.

Suppose my company is located in different locations across the world.Each of this location can contain one or more offices. The systems in these offices are connected to each other . The offices in one location are connected to each other

likewise all offices in all other locations are connected .These locations which may spread across the world are also interconnected.This forms the intranet of a company.

Basic intranet is comprised of hardware and software .Hardware includes cable , servers , routers and various other equipments . Software comprises of servers like unix or windows server and some other tools which are basically hidden from the end employee.

But this is the core and nothing to do with most of employees except IT department which handles and maintain these resources.

Applications for IT infrastructure

Most important application in IT infrastructure is email.Every company maintains it email policy .Each employee of the company is given a company email id like employee.name@company.com.

Now the email technology is privately employed by company.For example a company may choose to microsoft platform to implement their email infrastructure .Example of software are microsoft exchange sever and microsoft outlook.

IT infrastructure in software companies
IT infrastructure in software companies

Besides email company maintains a chat type software known as office communicator . This software can be used to communicate with any employee of the company. Besides chatting this software can be used to share files , share screens ,allowing remote control etc .One such example of this tool is Microsoft lync.

IT infrastructure in software companies
IT infrastructure in software companies

Next for security purposes , a desktop and server monitoring tool is also installed in each and every system.This tool maintains logs of system usage.

Another thing is that each and every employee has an employee id . This id is synchronized with your company email id.

You can use this id to login into your system and other software tools.

Another important hardware which is connected to company intranet is voice over ip phone .Most of the employees are provided with ip phone .

Another software tool is support system .This software is maintained at company intranet .Whenever you need help or resource with any department of company raise a call (known as ticket ) on this application,Your query will be solved in 24 hrs max by the concerned department employee.From hairpin to airplane ticket anything can be availed with this system.

Now suppose you are not in any company office and want to access your mails or in short company intranet.How will you do that ? You can use internet to connect to your company intranet with vpn.

SAP tools are used to maintain employee information like his salary and other information.

Remember intranet is protected by very powerful firewalls and everything is logged .

So this forms the brief view of technology infrastructure of most companies.

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