Top 20 Best GPS Apps For Android


There is nothing as painful as being lost when on a journey or finding yourself in a dead zone in the middle of nowhere.  There are lots of useful navigation and map apps that work offline why some requires you connecting to a stable internet connection. In this post, we will be looking at the best GPS apps for Android.

Top 20 Best GPS Apps For Android

  • Google Map

You can’t be listing out the top best Gps apps for Android without having to mention Google map. This map gives detailed route information, Live traffic updates, Gives you the precise GPS coordinates for your location and as well allows you save maps offline which can be accessed anytime.

  • Here Maps

Here maps was once restricted only to Nokia Platform but has now been made to work on all Androids
If you are looking for a GPS Android app that works offline, then Here Maps is that application you should try

  • GPS Navigation & Maps

This is one of the top best 20 GPS apps for Android. One good thing about it is that it works only with GPS and doesn’t require an internet connection. Navigates with high-quality maps for over several countries, Gives real time traffic stats and can be accessed online

  • Maverick: GPS Navigation

Gives every single and detailed map information and is best for those who are into hiking, Orienteering or any other activity that requires you navigating the land

  • Maps.Me (Mapswithme)

Offers World offline maps for all countries and cities and works without internet connection. The application provides you with all the map and navigation tools that you would be needing at any point in time.

  • Backcountry Navigator

Back Country Navigator is a great app for all those who engage in outdoor activities like boating.
Pretty expensive but offers you a number of offline typographical maps and doesn’t require an internet connection

  • Here WeGo

Is said to be the best alternative to Google map app. Provides you with route information, traffic stats and allows you save locations for quick access later. You can as well get to download maps for offline use in your region

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  • MapFactor

This application comes with basic GPS features, supports more than 100+ cities and allows you have access to offline maps which are updated from time to time. There are other additional map features but are not free. Has 2D and 3D modes and has voice directions

  • Waze GPS, Maps and Traffic

Features live traffic updates, ensures you are not speeding, looks out for police check points and also helps you find cheap gas stations Also allows you share your location with your friends.

  • Polaris GPS Navigation

Though old, the Polaris GPS Navigation app gives you access to other maps like Google Maps, Cycle route maps. Whatever option you want is that which you get. Gives you amazing features for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing.

  • GPS Status Toolbox

This app displays positions, signal strength of satellites, acceleration and allows it’s users share their locations with friends in cases of an emergency or when lost

  • My Tracks

My Tracks is a health and fitness application that allows users record their speed or distance covered while running or walking which can be stored online via Google Drive.
Also, allow it’s users share their recent locations making it easy for their friends to know their exact location

  • GPS Tracking Pro

Gives real time Location stats and can be used to check the exact locations of friends and relatives
Friends and families alongside some items can be incorporated into icons on a map which makes it easy to know the exact locations of your friends and even get to find a lost phone

  • Find My Friends

Find my friends is an application that makes it easy for you to know where your friends are. It can be used to give directions to someone as to where an event is taking place

  • Fake GPS Location

Just like the name implies, Fake GPS Location allows one set up a Fake GPS location so as to trick someone into believing you are somewhere why you are not. For all those who wish to stay hidden and don’t want to be traced, this app is something you should try out.

  • GPS Test

This is also one of the top best GPS apps for Android. The GPS test tool Can be used to view local time in your current timezone and allows you see sunset and sunrise times for your location.

  • Strava Cycling: GPS Riding

Allows you track all your rides with Gps, measures your strengths and weaknesses and lets you see your speed and energy used.

  • GPS Tracking

This incredible app can locate your exact location in no time. Gives real time traffic stats and ensures your friends and families stay safe by providing your with their exact locations at all times.

  • Open GPS Tracker

This app is capable of storing all your GPS locations and allows you take notes from your travels with the help of pictures and videos and as well get to summarize them as a tweet or blog post

  • MapMyRun GPS Running

It is now possible to track the distances, speed and time spent when joggling or walking. This is all made possible with the help of the MapMyRun GPS Running app. All you need to do is press the start button once you start running and the app would be able to calculate all the time and distance covered on the journey

These are some of the Top 20 best GPS apps for Android What other application would you like to add to this?

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