How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app or Mobile tracker

In this post i am going to share about the measures that should be taken before your mobile is stolen or lost, so you can get back your mobile phone. This post contain some apps which have a feature for tracking your lost mobile. Here’s how to find your phone when it gets lost.

Function of Mobile tracker or Tracking app

These trackers and tracking apps are designed in such a manner that they are hidden in mobile and they send specific information quietly from your phone via SMS to your friend’s number (you can configure whose number you want to send the msg through the software) and hence it informs you about the new mobile number and your IMEI number.

How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app or Mobile tracker

Here i am listing the tracking apps with respect to the mobile’s Platform.


   How to trace your phone by setting up a tracking app

For iPhones, I recommend Find My iPhone.

It’s free and tied to your iTunes account.

For Android phones , I recommend Lookout. (Free to locate a phone; $2.99 a month to remotely lock or wipe a phone). Another app here for android platform is Where’s My Droid Besides it,  ADM(Android device manager ) is also a good alternative.

For Blackberry Blackberry Protect (Free).  InstaMapper (also works for iphone)

  • Windows Mobile 6 and below Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) PDA Tracker – Where Is My Phone (W.I.M.P.)
  • Nokia Cell Phone(symbian) Mobile Phone Tracker – WaveSecure

But what if your phone is switched off or it ran out of juice, then  mobile Recovery saves previous locations so you can quickly track the last known location through Mymobilerecovery.

Following these tips and it may surely help you to 
protect iPhone from theft. Remember that its not all about the monetary loss, but you will also lose all the documents, files and contacts. So, it is important that you have back up of these things. In my next post i will share- If You’ve Lost A Phone Without A Pre-Installed Finder App.