Transactional SMS: A real boon for Banking personnel

For any successful business entity the core strength lies in their ways they adapt to stay in touch with their customers. To match up with the demand of time, the most important thing required is to have a better coordination among the end users. So if measured on the scale of performance the key role is of the communicator, until and unless the message does not reach the recipient using the correct mode, no action can be expected from the end users.

To elevate the business to customer relationship, each business entity takes several initiatives to remain in contact with their customers. These methods may include various activities like calling the clients personally, texting them regularly, meeting them occasionally via any mean. But the best among all is texting, as in the fast moving world, people are much goal oriented and stay busy working for their livelihood. They hardly get time for themselves and so they generally opt to use technology which is hassle free and easy to use. They entertain only valuable information and strictly avoid anything hinting promotion.

Banking is one of the most widely used public oriented sectors; almost everybody exceeding the age limit of 18 years holds their personal bank accounts. Text message facility is trusted as the banking activity informer, where the clients expect the bank to provide regular information related to bank accounts including their deposits, withdrawals, remaining amount and transfer details. This not only helps the customers to keep a great record of their spending and savings but also helps them to plan their tomorrow after being informed about each transaction with the bank.

Banks can use transactional sms for connecting with their existing customers, as they deal with their customers financial matters which consist of every bit of information which is of utter importance to the account holder. The most important segment where these informational message service can be used by bank are as follows:

  • To send alert message for every electronic transfer of fund.
  • To send account details for daily/ weekly/ monthly alerts.
  • To inform about cash withdrawal after each transaction.
  • To inform about payment done by credit card.
  • To inform about purchase of credit card.
  • To inform notification like location of bank branch or ATM location.
  • For sending reminders for payments like EMI.
  • To send inquiry on currency exchange rates.

Other important information which deals with the critical data and information of customers associated with the bank may include:

  • Information like Cheque deposit pending alerts.
  • Cheque return information alert with reason.
  • In case of any automatic deduction of payment which can be immediately sent to the customer.
  • Information like Deposited Cheque clearance alert.

    The transactional bulk message can play a vital role in building good repo among the business and customers. As these messages do not signify any promotional sense and are completely informative only, which adds on more credibility and benefit to its unique features list. Transactional messages are even sent on the Do not disturb (DND) numbers too, which is one of its best feature. They are more reasonable and highly affordable for any business type.

    It takes the extra mile to keep the client in contact with no promotional intent but the brand name keeps blinking even if the mode is through transactional message service. Ultimately help to make the business grow exponentially while keeping the client delighted with every important piece of information completely handy on the tap of their fingertip. Most useful for people who have less time for keeping a keen check on their accounts, transactional sms proves to be a boon for such customers.

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