Ultimate Guide To GSA SER for Newbies

Hello There, If youre looking for a complete GSA Search Engine Ranker guide, then you came to the right place, this guide isnt only for newbies but for professional users as well.

But before I start take my advice, bookmark the page by pressing Ctrl + D because this wasnt a one day writing and its surly not gonna be a one day read.

Everything in this tutorial will be thoroughly explained from top to bottom, we will go through a lot of How-Tos, lots of tutorials and quite a lot of problems that you face when working with GSA SER.


Well often use some short language in this article so its good that you get familiar with it.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SER = Search Engine Ranker

SERP = Search Engine Result Page


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Familiar With GSA
  3. Getting Comfortable With GSA SER Campaign Settings
  4. Your First Perfect Campaign
  5. GSA SER Other Tutorials And Resources
  6. Where To Buy GSA SER


Before we start i strongly reckon that if you cant buy GSA SER, atleast get its trial version so you can relate stuff easily. To get the direct trial download of GSA without CC or any commitment just share this article to one social network listed below in the box and youll get the download link :)


Glad youre still here, now keeping in mind that this guide especially target newbies, the chances are really high that you dont even know what GSA SER is.

If so, GSA Search Engine Ranker is made by a German company called GSA-Online, its one of the most advance Search Engine Automation tool and to be honest there is no good alternative for GSA out there, atleast for now there aint any.

What GSA SER Can Do

This is another question which is often asked by newbies, well it wouldve been easy if you have asked what GSA SER cant do (it cant make sandwiches), jokes aside GSA SER is the most complete SEO automation tool which is constantly updated to be able to work with every engine flawlessly, which it does.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Built-In Features


Built In Spinner And Spintax Support

When ever you buy a SEO automation tool like GSA SER the very second thing on your todo list would be (should be) a good article spinner to work well with the tool, GSA SER comes equipped with a built in article spinner power by Thebestspinner and SpinnerCheif and thats not all, GSA SER is one of the first tool which supports Spintax format in almost every field.

Captcha Solving

Thats one of my favorite SERs ability, you see it has in built intelligent captcha breaker which can automatically solve any math question and even answer common sense questoins like if water is hot or cold, and if it dont know the answer it will open a pop up (which can be disabled) and ask you to answer the question just one time and from onwards it will get saved in GSA SERs database.

And when capthchas get tougher GSA got your behind covered because it support almost every known third party captcha services like DeathbyCaptcha, Captcha Sniper and they even released there one time fee Captcha solver called GSA Captcha Breaker, which is quite good and you dont have to pay for it monthly.

Multi Thread

Every one is in a hurry and sometimes software cant keep up with it but thats not the case with GSA SER because it has amazing multi thread feature which can really boost your link building speed amazingly.

Gigantic Platform Support

Let me kill your curiosity here first, I know most of the newbies would be wondering what platforms are, well Platforms are like on which type of software a blog/website is hosted, some platform names for instance are,

  • Blogspot
  • WordPress
  • Wiki
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • etc,

and you may freak out here when you hear that GSA SER supports 100+ Platforms and new kind of platforms are being added after every update, this is one of the thing that make gurus buy GSA because everyone knows how curical link diversity is when doing Whitehat/Blackhat SEO.

Backlink Indexers

Every SEO automation can make thousands of backlinks but what they cant do and GSA can is, they wont ping your backlinks to get crawled and index and thats not only it but also GSA supports thirdparty link indexing services like Linklicious, Lindexed and others

Shows Stats In A User-Friendly Way

When you set up the campaign and run it for few hours/days/week the first thing you want to do is check how your campaign went, in some software checking the links created by your campaign can be a little hard to understand but the way GSA SER provides it even a 5 year old figure out what the chart means.




SERP Scrapper

GSA SER uses 500+ search engines to scrape search result where as leading SERP Scrapper like Scarpebox only scrapes from Yahoo, Google, Bing an AOL though comparing them wont be fair as they both are copletely different tool if viewed from correct perspective but no doubt GSA SER won this fight from Scrapebox by numbers.

Automated Account Registering And Verification

Some of the sites that are aware of these software often put on registration neccesarry in order to post anything but GSA aint stopping here because GSA SER has a built in account registering and verification system.



Okay now lets get you a little familiar with GSA and its dashboard.

GSA SER dasboard

GSA SER dasboard

Above you can see the dashboard of GSA SER which will appear when you start the the software, i have highlighted the boxes and important things with red box and alphabet so its easy for you to understand it.

A.You see that its a big empty window, this is where you active and inactive projects are shown with all other important data.

B.Its where your project names are listed (project url),

C.Under this tab you can find the status of your campaign that if its active or not.

D.This is where you can set the priority of the project, there are total 5 priorities you can set, thats the lowest , -, +, and thats the fastest ++, it helps you make links more efficiently.

E.There where it shows total amount of backlinks that are submitted for that particular project,

F.Thats where the verified backlinks are listed, which means a backlink which was submitted and then checked for if its there or not, only alive backlinks are shown there.

G.Its where from you can start a new project from scratch, well go in depth in it below.

H.These is where you can edit the setting of your current Project.

I.As literal as it sounds, you can delete a active/inactive campaign from there.

J.From here you can set all the important things like, using captcha services and link indexing services, proxies and other really important things.

K.You can not only Start and Stop project from here but you can also set a scheduler for it, so it can run automatically at your set time and stop as well.

L.You can visit their forum, documentation, version history and other useful stuff from here.

N.That box shows everything which is currently happening in real time, from scraping SERPS from solving captchas.

These were just the things present on GSAs dashboard like a ice berg floating on water, real actions happens under it but atleast now you know its basic and we have something to work on.

Going A Little In-Depth

GSA SER Options

GSA SER Options

Lets go a little in-depth, Options tab is the foundation of any campaign in GSA SER so its better to get familiar with its option first.

When you click Options like shown in the picture above, something like this will appear.

GSA SER option dashboard

GSA SER option dashboard

One the left sidebar you can the following 5 things

  • Submission (Where we currently are)
  • Captcha
  • Indexing
  • Filter
  • Advanced

Now these all things are really important so i suggest you read it all carefully.

In the Submission tab you can see a lot of options to play with, i am gonna explain them from top to bottom.

Thread To Use

Remember what you read above, how fast GSA SER is because it can multi thread, this is where that magic happens, 10 threads are set on default but they can be increase to upto 50 threads depending on your rig, just dont enable more thread than your PC can handle or else youll end up screwing up your whole computer.

HTML Timeout

This options setting depends solely on you, if you want to make backlinks fast you can set it to 10 20 seconds or even less but if you want to less but more stably than you can set this HTML time out from 30 40 seconds, HTML time out is the amount of second GSA SER will wait for a reply back from host before leaving it.

USE Proxies

Use Proxies is perhaps the most important setting present on the page, Use of proxies determines the succession of your campaign, to use proxies simply click the button use proxies to enable it use and tweak its setting like shown in the picture below.

Proxy use

Proxy use

As you can see in the picture above there are a lot of setting to be played with when you enable proxies.

We will go in depth in it later.


Captha options

Captha options

Were at submission earlier so lets take a step further and go towards, Captchas setting,

as you can see this is a simple windows, theres a option on the right side to add, delete, and set priority of your captcha service, when you click Add in the picture shown above, a long list will appear, thats the list of third party services GSA SER is compatible with, visualization is shown below.

Captcha service supported in GSA

Captcha service supported in GSA



Indexing is a unique feature offered by GSA SER,which allows you to connect third party services to GSA SER which makes your backlink indexing process much easier and effective.

Indexing Service Which GSA SER Supports

  1. GSA SEO Indexer
  2. Instant Link Indexer
  3. Indexification
  4. Linklicious.me
  5. NuclearLinkIndexer
  6. LinkPipeline
  7. BacklinksIndexer
  8. IndexEmperor
  9. IncredibleIndexer
  10. XIndexer
  11. LinkCentaur
  12. Linkdexed
  13. ExpressIndexer
  14. OnehourIndexing

Thats a huge list of services which are supported by GSA SER.


GSA Filter option

GSA Filter option

Submitting links to malicious and blacklisted site can really be bad SEO for your site but fear not, GSA SERs filter system has got you covered, it helps you avoid malicious and infected websites automatically.


Advance Options

Advance Options

As the title says, Advanced, i wouldnt reckon a newbie to go here but if you really wanna then i would suggest dont touch anything, from here you can make a giant list of links from your project and sort them as, Identified, Submitted, Verified and Failed, it really helps if youre a pro GSA User and have tons of campaigns on it.

Getting Comfortable


GSA SER Campaign Setting


This not where i teach you the create the perfect campaign, purpose of this segment is only to get your familiar with its settings, well get to the perfect campaign setting later.



If you go back to your GSA SERs dashboard and click New Button.




Well first of all, DONT FREAK OUT (i know i did) i know its a lot to compute but take a deep breath and look everything carefully, as you can see Ive checked everything so every additional option will appear so i can teach you better :).

First Lets get to the most important part which is Data offcourse


When you click data, this will appear.

New campaign dashboard

New campaign dashboard

I am gonna go from top to bottom so stay with me,


as simple as it looks, this is where you enter the URL or domain name of the site youre gonna do campaign on, (let the buttons in below stay default now).

Now we all know how important anchor text are, there are two option to add Anchor text In GSA SER though second one is more simple but you have the right to know everything.

so if you click Edit



Something like this should appear

GSA SER list

GSA SER edit dropdown

From here you will get a list dialog from which you can select to add url or add URL with a anchor text or add URL with 2 anchor texts and so on.


Enough with URLS, Keyword is the second thing you will come across

GSA SER new campaign keyword

GSA SER new campaign keyword

Now from here you can type a list of keywords from which you want the sites to be found and placed your backlinks on, Keywords are the first thing on which the relevancy of your backlinks depends. if you dont wish to write you can simple click Tool from right and import a list of Keywords,

and the 3 little boxes you see below are pretty important,

Collect Keywords from target sites means, the sites GSA SER will find from your keywords, it will find sites from within those sites and go there to get more backlinks, relevancy drops fairly if you enable it but youll end up getting more backlinks.

This is almost the same the but only difference is, keywords find from those sites will be inserted in your current list thus your backlinks number will increase more.

Last option is Put keywords in quote when used in search queries now although youll end up making extremely relevant backlinks but you will make such tiny amount that mostly it wouldnt even matter so its better that leave that button alone.

Anchor Text

Anchor text

Anchor text

This is the second and obvious way for putting anchor text for your campaign, though do note that This is ignored if you use an anchor texts in the URL field, so theres no use in putting anchor text in both field.

some like it this way and some those its just your choice.

This boxes below it arent to be messed with unless you know what youre doing, its just simple a option to select how many links you need from specific Anchor text.



Now if i scroll down a bit in this Data tab, youll find there are lots of boxes filled with gibberish, well first of all its not gibberish, this is pure gem for a SEO guy, this is something known as Spintax form of content, it allows the software to put one sentence in countless different ways.

I wont scroll down further because this all what i will find since i checked all the engines.

Article Manager

Article manger is one of the most important thing in GSA SERs campaign dashboard.

Article manager GSA SER
Article manager GSA SER

Click Article Manager and like shown in the picture above and youll be taken to its options.

After youve done it, its configuration will appear

Article manger option

Article manger option

There are a lot of things that you can do here. To add article youll have to click add

add Article

add Article

There are quite few options that you can work with here.

You can either choose to select enter manually (not a good choice) or the most easy way is click Import from folders and import the articles present there in text file, if theyre not in spintax format GSA SER will give you a option to convert them in in spintax using its built-in spinners.

These are the only essential thing you need to know about this portion.


Now lets come to the second last most important tab of the new campaigns dashboard.

Click Options

GSA SER options

GSA SER options

Wake up your attention sensors because this where the succession or failure of your campaign lie, there are lots of hing to learn carefully here so pay great attention.

Tab #1 (How to submit/verify)

GSA SER options

GSA SER options

From here you can do lots of important stuff, i am gonna go from top to down so you can keep track easily though i wont explain some non important feature.

You can configure GSA to automatically stop making links when specific numbers of verified/submitted links are made, this is a great feature to avoid linkload.

To configure captcha setting for any particular campaign, thats where you have to come.

Captcha settings

Captcha settings

You see where it says Ask user this is the default setting, unless you change it, it will keep asking you to put captcha no matter how many captchas services you have attached.

When you click Ask user it will get change in to Choose random like this

choose random

choose random

But this is not the option you want to go for so click again and change it to Use services to use the service/software you have attached. You can even attach multiple services and set the option to use them in prioritize order.

You do remember when we talked about that GSA supports third party indexing services right?. If so, then this is where you come to configure them

GSA SER Indexer services

GSA SER Indexer services

Like in the picture above you can either select it to send links to GSA SEO indexer or other third party indexers its up you.

There are few other options in tab 1 as well but lets just leave them for now as theyre not that important.

Tab #2 (How to get target urls)

New campaign tab 2

New campaign tab 2

Like said before, GSA SER dont support 1,2,3,4,5,6 or even 10 search engines, it supports mass quantity of global and country specific search engines (851 in my case), there are lots of important thing in this small tab like the little tickbox you see above in the picture named Analyze and post to competitor backlinks is a pretty handy feature

New campagign competitor crushing

New campaign competitor crushing

Tab #3 (Filter url)

TAb 3 Filer url

Tab 3 Filer url

This is from where you can filter urls and prevent getting links from unwanted place

Filter Url

Filter Url

In the figure shown above you can see that you can skip sites with more than specific OBL (outgoing links on one page) and skip sites with less than specific PR.

Skip site feature

Skip site feature

This is really important feature and never ever forget to tick this box unless youre making a adult website, this allow you not to get sites with some particular pre added words (you can add your exceptions as well).

and so on you can select it to make backlinks from specific countries (good for doing local SEO)

This is the end of Options tab and now were going for the final tab called Email verification

Email Verification

Email verification

Email verification

From here you can add emails which can be used to verify social networks, article directories, etc accounts this is really useful feature, the recommended email provider to use with this feature is Hotmail.

Okay Finally! Were done with the basics of GSA SER, Nows we will go ahead and make our first campaign with tiers :D.

Your First Perfect Campaign

Well Ive pretty much explained everything here and you can make your campaign on your own since everyone have their on specific setting but I wont be a grumpy guy here and just for the heck of it i will show you how to make a basic campaign in GSA.

Things To Have

  • Private Proxies or Public Proxies (Private Proxies Recommended)
  • Money Site (Site you want to get ranked)
  • Internet Connection
  • A Thing Called Brain Usually found somewhere in head section


First thing first we have to configure our main options and attach our indexing service, Captcha service and Proxies settings. to do so Click Options

Configuring Options

Configuring Options

As you guys already know that how to insert indexing and captcha service, Ill just show you how to add proxies to GSA and how you can scrape public proxies.

Configuring Proxies

Configuring Proxies

When youve click Configure something like this should pop u

Proxy Panel

Proxy Panel

Its pretty easy to work around here, first of all let suppose you have your own private proxies that you want to add. Youll have to click Add proxy and select the format in which you your proxies are saved.

Adding Proxies

Adding Proxies

Its that easy :), and when youve added, just to be sure you can check the proxies by clicking Test Proxies against Google or just generally.

One scenario done now lets head over to second one.

You want to search for public proxies right?, Cool, you have to click Add/Edit Proxy sites and do as shown in the picture below.

Configuring Proxes (Agian :D)

Configuring Proxes (Agian :D)

Although that step is not necessary but we do it just to be sure ;).

When youve done that head back to your proxy panel and do as shown below

Find And Test Proxies

Find And Test Proxies

GSA will now search for public proxies from the sites which are leading in its database and then test it.

If youre having problem in any step. Heres a video by GSA Sof in which he explains you how to configure proxies, step by step.

Having Trouble Finding Public Proxies?
Ive shared a reliable public proxy source at bottom of the post

Were done with proxies now (hurray!) now head over to the basic settings.

Get back to GSA SER Dashboard and click New

Configuring Options

New Campaign

Now we will select the platforms which will act as our 1st tier.

1st Tier is a risky business so first of all i would really suggest that atleast do the 1s tier manually with high quality manually written article since Google is becoming real stubborn (no offense matt).

but just for educational purpose I will tell you anyway what kind of links you want on your 1st tier.

1st Tier

  • Articles (High quality)
  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0s
  • Document Sharing (Mildly)

2nd, 3rd And Forth Tier

  • Blog Comments, (Spamming not reckoned until atleast 3 tiers)
  • Trackbacks
  • Forum
  • Social bookmarks
  • Trackback
  • RSS
  • Pingback
  • Document Sharing.


Thats about it.

Although i know quite a lot of you will be skeptical that how to make links down to 2nd tier and so on automatically using GSA SER, if so then its quite is.

When some verified links has been created, click your project and select Edit and click the box which is shown below.

Making 2nd Tier Links

Making 2nd Tier Links

When youve done it, a sub campaign (completely independent) will be created which will be able to create particular links to the 1st tier verified links automatically and you can repeat the step to make 3rd tier.


GSA SER Other Tutorials And Resources

Recommended Video Tutorial To Watch

Below Ive embedded two part video series by GSA Sof in which he teaches you how to setup a successful campaign in GSA SER, I think it will be a really good watch for you folks so have a look at it.

Part 1 Of 2

Part 2 Of


GSA Footprint Extractor 

Thats a wonderful thirdparty freeware by a guy named s4ntos. And I quote what he says about the product,

What does the software do? The whole idea behind SER Footprint Editor is to make it easier for SER users to add footprints to existing engines in SER. By adding more targeted footprints to your engines, you can scrape more targets and drop more backlinks.

GSA SER Footprint Editor

GSA SER Footprint Editor

Download Link:

Click Here


Where To Buy GSA SER From

There are a lot of phony sites that will try to scam you so it is always wise to buy from original site only.

Original site for buying GSA SER

My 5% Off Ref Link

5% Off Ref Link For GSA SER

Coupon Code: irfan5off

Signing Out

This article will be changing constantly, as I learn new things or i have something else to share with you so dont take this as a outdated article :). Which also means if you really have a tough question which is bothering you, Feel free to ask me, Ill be happy to assist you any way I can with no strings attached.

Note : This Post credit Goes to Irfan Saleem

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