How to Use an Electric Smoker Grill

In every generation, a new innovation emerges and bears benefits to all. In The realm of culinary and food, one specific technology marked its presence and proves its importance: the electric smoker. If you love cooking meat, you must have come across a smoker that is usually used to cook and grill meat. The biggest downside of using the traditional smoker is its manual operation with regards to the cooking process. Sometimes, because of the overpowering smoke, we never realize that some parts of the meat are overcooked.  The invention of an electric smoker enhances the cooking experience with convenience and luxury without compromising the quality flavor and texture.

Considering the Types

There are different types of electric smokers. You must be able to know your preferences and needs as it reflects on the structure and design of the electric smoker.

  • There are Vertical water electric smokers which is the most inexpensive yet it functions well during the warm seasons. The downside of this type of electric smoker is that it does not control well the core temperature during cold seasons.
  • Another common type of electric smoker is the electric cabinet smoker which looks like a refrigerator. Electric smokers of this type come with a temperature gauge in order to control the temperature inside the equipment.

In search for the top rated electric smokers, one must first ask themselves, what is the best smoker? Top electric smokers surely provides comfort and convenience in cooking but one must be careful in choosing the best or top rated electric smokers in terms of its functionality. After finding the top electric smoker, one must have knowledge on how to use the electric smoker as well as the preparation to be made beforehand.


The simple and easy steps in using an electric smoker

  • Read the Electric Smoker’s Manual and Instructions. Because of the varied types of electric smokers, different smokers have different operating procedures. A prior knowledge of the model of the electric smoker is necessary despite the similarities of its functions with the rest.
  • Check the manufacturer’s manual regarding seasoning, curing or odor removal before usage. Some electric smokers require curing and seasoning in order to eliminate the odor and other particulates like dust and solvents. Usually, racks inside the electric smoker should be coated with cooking oil. Afterwards, preheat the electric smoker for two hours. After turning on the electric smoker for two hours, release the heat by opening the hood and let it cool down.
  • Prepare the meat. Thin Slices or chunks of meat in skewers are one of the favorite forms of meat prepared when using an electric smoker. Nevertheless, you can choose to make other forms and shape slices as you desire.
  • Add flavor to the meat. Season the meat with a dry rub like sugar, spices and herbs, salt. Some also marinade the meat using prepared solution of marinade mix or sauce. Moreover, Smoking meat adds some aroma and flavor to the meat. That’s why the meat itself should be prepared as nicely and flavorful as possible.
  • Leave the meat to sit. Adding flavors to the meat is not enough when it is not able to absorb these flavors to the core of the meat. One can achieve best flavor results when the meat is allowed to sit for overnight.
  • Turn on the smoker. Most electric smoker has a water receptacle. Make sure that it is filled before starting the smoking process.
  • Prepare wood chips. Check the wood feed hole or receptacle in the electric smoker. If you like to add some kick in its aroma or smell, you can mix wood chips with cherry, cedar, and hickory chips. It is also prescribed to add some alder, maple and plum. The average consumption of wood chips in an electric smoker is 4 cups for every three to five hours.
  • Always check the temperature of the smoker. Top rated electric smokers have internal thermometer and inside temperature gauge. Generally, the temperature is set to a maximum of 225 degrees F. It is also recommended to place the meat inside the electric smoker when the desired temperature is achieved.
  • Smoke the meat to your desired tenderness. Usually, this smoking process takes three to eight hours. Inserting a meat thermometer on the core center of the meat can be useful to check both the tenderness and temperature of the meat inside the electric smoker.
  • Because of the benefits brought by this new technology, electric smokers are readily available on major stores in your area and even on online stores. It is really amazing that technology has surpassed the test of time in providing convenience within each home. Some of the top electric smokers start their prices from two hundred dollars. Knowing what is the best smoker puts you to a lot more advantage since you are able to search easier from the list of the top rated electric smokers. Reading product reviews and comments will definitely add up on your existing knowledge from factual experiences.


Despite of the modern and sleek design and functionality of electric smokers there are things to remember about using an electric smoker.  Remember to place the electric smokers up on a balanced and flat surface. It is also important to avoid placing the equipment that makes it prone to moisture and rain. One should also be mindful on the type of wood chips that will be used. There are top electric smokers that are sensitive to the wood chips being used and thus one should be knowledgeable if such electric smoker is designed for such purchased wood chips.



Final Notes

What is the best electric grill for you? Well, it is important to always ask the assistance of professionals and experts of the field to guide you along the way. There are websites and forums dedicated to knowing the top rated electric smokers that provide the best output in an effective and efficient way. What is the best smoker is for you to search for, so have fun. Finally, there are a lot of ways in enjoying meat and one favorite way by most eat lovers is through the use of a smoker.



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