Are Web 2.0’s still useful in 2018?

Going to first talk about the benefits of them.

Can make unlimited amounts of them
Normally free to make
Contain strong link juice of the route domain if you work on yourself or get expired ones with good backlinks done.
Looks natural in Google eyes using them
Can quickly get branded name of one which matches your URL name
Used to rank up youtube videos or channels
Can be very creative with how you design them.
Usually reasonably easy to rank up.

You can get 2.0s of so many different providers for free such as Tumblr, Joomla, WordPress, Weebly using all of this will help to boost your rankings of your sites in my experience Joomla is usually the strongest to promote your site rankings.

You will sometimes see people offering to host your microsites for say $10 a month think about this you can quickly get a lot of websites online for $10 a month so is paying for a site with only around five pages for $10 smart? The answer is no, and if you are paying for a lot of these it can easily cost $10,000 a month, and if you want to take this into an extreme level you need free ones, or it’s not worth doing it overall.
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In typical cases, the web 2.0 backlinks will contain okay link strength not enough to rank up a site in the strong niche they work best in low to medium niches, but if you are willing to work on your sites, you can still use them to help you rank in more competitive areas. You can find expired ones in many different ways I am going to say in this article purely Tumblr ones since most simple for you to get yourself and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. Expired Tumblr Hunter which is of a website called all you do to work this program once it’s installed is this click start you can put in niches if you want all you do to have niches is click the niche relevant box and type ones you want such as cars, dogs, chocolate if you do it this way you will find niche relevant one you can go higher or lower than 500 if you want it’s your choice you can use with or without proxies as long as you don’t do it in big way you can use it without proxies but I would recommend you use proxies just to be on the safe side.

The reason I class this as natural many big businesses all around the world use web 2.0s so in my thoughts it would be entirely logical for Google to see your website receiving links of these types of sites a lot of different people do branded versions of the money sites the reason for why it makes it look more natural to Google and also these types of sites can if you work on them send you anywhere between to 2 to 10,000 people a month of free traffic to your money site you can get more if you work on them, but you get the general idea

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