Top 6 Websites Similar To YouTube And Hotstar 2018

Hello folks, In this world every person like YouTube, Hotstar and other sites who gave you a large database of entertainment. I am here with some websites similar to Youtube and hotstar. So, you can enjoy your entertainment on these websites also.


Just surfing the sites for getting something doesn’t serve the purpose. An individual should be aware about what sort of the site can best give him/her what is required, as it could be site giving information in text format, it could be giving the things searched in video form or even in audio format. You can also try some websites like rainierland.

Websites Similar To Youtube And Hotstar

But does it confine you to search everything on a single site? What if gets slowed down as it is the most crowded place, and you need to search something very important immediately? So alternatives should be present there in case this condition arises. Here are few options mentioned below other than YouTube, they are not in the increasing or decreasing order of reliability, the choice could be made according to the requirements:

  1. VIMEO:

It is one of the platforms where a user can upload the videos he/she wants to share with others easily. It has an advantage over YouTube in many ways as the video quality provided is better than offered by YouTube and as you all must be aware about that YouTube according to Google Policy extract some of your information, vimeo requires a very less amount of such information as compared to YouTube. Here you can search whatever you require like sports, people, etc. People can even sell the videos on this platform.


Today metacafe is very much popular among people; since here you can search about people, arts, music, explore things about sports, various people, music and many more. It even involves the videos related to animation and comedy.  Basically it lays a great emphasis upon entertainment. The basic advantage is that it doesn’t involve repeated videos just be aware of the adult content.

  1. FLICKR:

Flickr is popular among many of us for sharing images and a very few crowd is aware about its feature of sharing videos. It even asks the up loader to upload the video in the High Definition quality. It further provides you an advertisement free environment. So one can even watch the videos and images as per the requirement.


Screen junkies is a platform for watching videos related to news, reviews on various things, movies etc. It is always updated with the latest movies and even with trailers of the upcoming ones. If you are a student or office guy you can use these unblocked music sites at your place to enjoy music.

  1. TED:

For any work we want a push or we can call it as motivation. Does it not help you to do something when you hear someone expert in that field? Now TED offers you to listen to these expert speakers sharing their views or experience on various topics that could either be related to education or any general topic. It is one of the most surfed sites for the education based videos. You can also check apps like showbox.


It is another option for watching videos; it sometimes contains the videos that are not even available on YouTube. The video provided by them is of proper quality. It further provides an option for earning through the videos. It usually doesn’t allow any changes once uploaded that are one can’t delete the videos once they are uploaded there.

I think, you read the whole content and also like these sites info. If you like my article then please share it with other people and for any question, query and solution please comment down below. You got your dose of entertainment, education and online streaming, try these sites and watch their available videos. Thank You

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