WeChat is back in Russia with its flying colors

WeChat is one of the most popular apps with over nine hundred million monthly active users. This amazing app is used each and every day across China for the in-store payments, online shopping, and for the transportation means. In the present era, WeChat can also be used as a mobile wallet. It is essential to add the credit card details in order to connect with the WeChat Pay. With the aid of the WeChat Pay set up, one can use this app in huge stores in order to make the cashless payments. This social media app has created many records at the world level and it has become a part of human’s life and it is still earning its fame among the folks of China.

Advantages of using WeChat App

The real fact is that not every vendor takes this facility but the number of involved storey grows each and every day. If a friend or a colleague is need of money the people who are in China can some amount in order to cheer them up. WeChat’s one of the best features known as Go Dutch helps to split up the amount. One can also transfer the share of the bill to their friends through the app. A new term this is known to be ‘Lucky Envelope’ especially popular one during the Chinese New Year.

A person can select some amount which they want to share and this China’s gigantic messaging app dishes out the random amounts to the selected friends in the terms of virtual red envelopes. One can hail a cab and also pay for it with the help of WeChat Pay. This concept works for both taxis and cars at the China’s top on-demand startup, known to be Didi Kuaidi. A person need not use this app it can all be done inside the WeChat. More and more media outlets, brands, bloggers including the celebrities have public accounts inside the WeChat app.

In China, it has become the unique way of reading the stuff when a person got the spare time. The China’s top food delivery Startup takes the orders through this app. A huge number of companies have WeChat public accounts too. Most of them provide information but some of the people offer the actual services online or sell the stuff through the WeChat. One can also use the startup in order to get the laundry services to be done. Some of the folks use the online caretaker service through the WeChat app. It is another area where several startups are pursuing.  One can also scan the product’s barcode in the WeChat app while in a store and see how much it costs in online.

The Daily deals site such as Dianping which Tencent has invested in, is baked into the WeChat. Especially use it in order to book a karaoke room or to find the discounted dishes deals ideal nearby location. A new startup which is called as Klink does this process of sending Bitcoin can be done through this app account. One can also share the real-time location with a friend which will be useful if a person is meeting up but cannot be able to see each other. A person can pay for the mobile top-ups, recharges or pay for the back credit cards by using this app.

The users can also making a tracking record of the games which is linked to WeChat and share the game progress in the exchange for the in-game rewards. Some of the automakers have WeChat public accounts where one can browse the newest models and they also can go to the dealership to pay for it though. The Tencent’s fund which is integrated with WeChat, swears higher returns than that of the savings account.

Whether WeChat is blocked in Russia?

The China’s most popular messaging app has been halted all over Russia. A new recent report says that a famous communication regulator has added WeChat to its list of the prohibited websites. The gigantic messaging service of China has been blacklisted a few weeks back. The major reason for the blockage of WhatsApp in Russia is that WeChat did not follow the rules of the technical terms.   All over China, the WeChat messages containing the keywords are blocked and censored.

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WeChat is back to form

Again, Russia has restored the access to the famous social app of China known to be WeChat. The Access to China’s most popular social media platform was restricted recently, and then the gigantic messaging service did not share its contact details. Then, later on, WeChat accumulated with that of the Russian requirements. WeChat has provided the necessary data for the inclusion into the register of the organizers of the information distribution on the internet.

The Streaming Companies will be required to have the technical capability in order to block the live broadcasts. The Chinese censors already blocked the television news networks when the reporting topics deemed to be sensitive by the experts. The Companies will be required to keep the user’s data and the content for sixty days and display a blacklist of the users who are out of the regulations. They will have to prevent them from creating new accounts and report them to the authorities. Both the users and the live streaming providers are punishable under the rules and the regulations.

WeChat’s global expansion has been a disaster

Tencent one of the China’s top web companies with a market value of one hundred and ninety-seven billion US dollars was visibly pushing hard so it could reach its peak of success. The China’s gigantic messaging service WeChat accelerated marketing teams to a few critical countries and it has been paid for the Facebook advertisements too. The Famous China’s social media app added a bunch of new features for the existing users. The folks who are already performing well among the Chinese users. The app which is known as the Weixin is famous for its social gaming and official brand accounts. It just wants to make sure that the folks are convenient online messaging added to that of the option of using a bunch of other fun things such as paying money for the subscription purpose in order to download more animated packs that could be used to vitalize the conversations. The real fact is that WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook messenger are the three outstanding messaging apps on Android in India right now.

According to the Report

In the past seven years, the China’s gigantic messaging app has made a record in the concept of the extensive ecosystem and it also becomes the significant part of the China’s mobile internet today. In order to understand the multi-trillion business based on the concept of WeChat, one needs to first understand how the folks evolve along the platform. The main highlights of the report include that mobile payments have a high penetration rate in China. The convenient stores have become the WeChat’s primary offline transaction channel. The Mini Programs have a penetration rate around twenty percent of twenty-percent with mostly low-frequency consumers. The WeChat consumers have a gradual increase in the average number of contacts.


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