Why is wechat such a powerful communication tool?

Powered by Tencent, WeChat is a social media app that’s has become the most popular way to communicate online used in China. IT is governed by China’s strong censorship laws and messaging interception rules; the government can review your messages and other data you have sent.

Wechat has a great inbuilt feature which you can get which allows you pay for a range of things such as taxi or food.

How can you actually get access to send or receive money with a Wechat Wallet?

Step One Download the actual Wechat app

Step two Create your actual Wechat Wallet account which can be done by entering your phone number, and a subsequent verification code will be sent to you, and you must create a password and ID for your account. The program will ask for access to your contacts to see if you know any other Wechat users to transfer money you must have your possible recipient as a contact in your profile.

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3. Add a debit or a credit card. Enter your info and select your bank for verification through your mobile phone number through your mobile phone number.

Who Actually uses Wechat?

It can be anyone from friends, business people, famous people there is quite a lot prime ministers in the world who use wechat to show you the real popularity of it on a global scale.

What are others features used in wechat?

Images is a way you can easily send photos to friends or contacts by you simply clicking the image you want then press send and one thing I really like about this it actually allows you in that to take photo in action right so if you saw a nice animal you could take its photo and send to a friend now.

Sight Feature for Android and IOS lets users make 6-second videos of whatever they want and share with friends or on the social feed.

Favorites is simply something either you or your contact likes the most so puts into your favourite section

Location helps people find you easier or you find the locations to meet people easier since gives you the correct information to find for most of it.

Video call is pretty self-explainable you just press that button and wait for your contact to accept your call then you are both able to video chat.

Contact card could be used as a way to send your contact to people if you were trying to sell them something or start a business relationship this can be a good way to do it.

Stickers can be a fun way to make your messages more interesting you are using a range of stuff such as funny, cartoon, romantic, love themed, sports,festival-themed ones.

Has a built-in feature to allow you to record messages to people to me it’s quite a fun tool to use for sharing information with mates.

Main display

Chat is basically part of it where you can chat to people
Contacts are simply people who you added into your account to chat to you have new friends part to see your possible new friends you could add into your profile saved groups are say work based groups you could here or group of friends who say like music and tags can be a way to group your friends.

Discovery can be used for range of purposes such as moments is like the same as Facebook profile where you see what photos or videos comments people say on things


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