Whatsapp Tricks – Read messgaes without changing your last seen timestamp

Whatsapp Tricks

“Last seen” feature(timestamp) ¬†was really a painful feature of whatsapp for almost all the people and many wanted to hide their last seen timestamp. And it was fair that people used to hate this last seen feature because sometimes they are busy in some work or sometimes they dont want to knw their partners about their online status, everyone needs wants his privacy afterall. ūüėČ
Finally, whatsapp has started a facility for the users, to hide their last seen timestamp after the acquisition of whatsapp by facebook. Just think if Mark Zukerberg acquired whatsapp to hide his last seen status from his girlfriend..;)

And now It has given birth to another problem, the problem which came to my mind when one of my friends asked about it. Her girlfriend warned him not to hide his last seen timestamp. And because of this he can’t check the whatsapp messages because if he do so his girlfriend would see his last seen timestamp (problem for him). He asked me how to read whatsapp messages without changing his last seen timestamp. So here is the way:

Read messgaes without changing your last seen timestamp (Whatsapp Tricks)

                       Read messages without changing your last seen timestamp (Whatsapp Tricks)

To do this onAndroid is very easy.After you’ve received a message , just turn off the data connection or Wi-Fi (whatever connection you have). that’s it!¬†This trick works for whatsapp on windows phone as well.

Doing this on Iphone is quite complex, first entirely close whatsapp (don’t just minimize it). then tap the whatsapp icon and before it connect just hit the ‘Home’ button. Remember you have to very fast here. this will ¬†download all the messages. Wait for a while and turn off mobile data connection or Wi-Fi(depending on your connectivity ). Launch whatsapp and you’ll get all you new message there. Hope you guys liked our earlier ¬†post on¬†Whatsapp Tricks ‚Äď Get Whatsapp Notification on PC¬†.I got huge response on ¬†WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack¬†,¬†i am so thankful for you all. For more such posts Keep Visiting and subscribe us !!