YouTube to MP3 & MP4 Converter

Mpgun, an amazing YouTube to MP3 & MP4 Converter designed with a mobile first Approach

Mpgun is a secure online Youtube converter that supports both MP3 and MP4 formats. It’s one of the fastest online converters available on the net.  It’s free without any registration and no limits are applied on it. It was designed to meet the best user experience. In addition to that, it works on desktops and all the Android devices including tablets and mobiles.

Mpgun supports the auto complete features which is similar to the one used in YouTube.  The user can simply type a keyword to search for a video or a song. The YouTube URL feature is also available, so you can simply copy and paste a YouTube URL if you like and the video will appear to you.

The search results returns the top twenty results with the option to choose the MP4 or MP3 conversion.

Before any action, Mpgun gives you the possibility to preview what you are going to convert and download. Even if the video cannot be played on the site due to YouTube external policies, you will still be able to convert and download it.

The quality of the MP3 conversion is a great compromise between quality and space. In other words, Mpgun will give you the best possible quality with a minimum of space (A mobile first approach).

As far as the the MP4 is concerned, Mpgun is capable to fetch the FULL HD version whenever it’s possible. It’s exactly the same quality while watching on Youtube.

MpGun is a bridge between a web and mobile application

Being it a progressive web application, Mpgun is the first YouTube Converter in the world that works as an Android application with following important points:

  • No need to use Google play
  • No APK Download & Installation
  • No ask for any data and no personal data is required
  • Negligible space
  • Fast and less resource consuming

To have Mpgun with your others apps on any Android device just:

Go to using Google Chrome. Google Chrome will ask you to add Mpgun as an Android Application. That’s it!

(The following picture shows you how it looks like)

What if Google Chrome didn’t ask you to add Mpgun ?

In this case just click on the three vertical points on the top-right as the green arrow can show you:

After that you just need to click on “Add to home screen”

You can always use Mpgun with your favourite mobile or tablet browser, we just recommend using it as an Android application because it comes with a smooth and better user experience that makes the difference from the page speed load to the navigation.

Before letting you go and try this amazing online Youtube video Converter by yourself, we would like to pay your attention that Mpgun is a YouTube MP3 converter and downloader,with a lot of many other features that will make its use much easier (History, notifications….). In addition to that, the waiting time before the download start is really negligible as Mpgun will serve you on the fly.

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