The Liver has an important role in the functioning of our body. It detoxifies toxins and has a great role in metabolizing drugs. It is essential to keep your liver healthy as it is the only way through which our body removes toxins out from our body and other vital functions like breaking down insulin, and the addition of other hormones, etc.

So, is important to keep your liver healthy. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits can damage your liver, making it inefficient to play its role efficiently. You can cleanse your liver and keep it healthy in a natural way. Nature has provided us with foods that can be helpful in cleansing and detoxifying your liver.  Below are some liver cleansing food.


Grapefruit is a subtropical fruit which not only curbs your hunger, but also has a number of health benefits. It is highly beneficial for the heart and has a great role in cleansing your liver. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which lead to the cleansing of the liver in a natural process.

Glutathione is a grape fruit content which is a powerful antioxidant that is efficient at neutralising free radicals and detoxifies your liver.

Include a glass of fresh grapefruit juice in your breakfast, or you can eat the fruit cutting it into pieces.



Garlic contains a great ability for cleansing your liver. It is one of the best natural contents that are helpful in cleansing your liver. It packs rich amounts of allicin and selenium, which are great at cleansing your liver.

Garlic is highly beneficial in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. You can add fresh raw garlic to your food before cooking, you can also use processed garlic powders.



Beets are beautiful and bright with great medicinal qualities. It enhances your liver function and keeps it healthy. Beets contain rich amount of antioxidants and essential nutrients required for cleansing properties of the liver.

Beets are efficient at purifying your blood, and are a rich source of iron. So, stop hating the taste of beets and add them to your diet. You can make some recipes from beets.


Broccoli is a small plant, in green hue color attractive to look at. It has great medicinal qualities, contains a rich amount of fiber and antioxidants which are great at cleansing your liver. Is also packs high amounts of vitamin E which is an antioxidant for the liver. Cook a few yummy broccoli recipes and you can eat them at your breakfast or dinner.


Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A that protects the liver from toxic agents. They also contain great amounts of fiber and vitamin C which have an active role in cleansing your liver.

The nutrients involved in sweet potatoes are great at boosting your liver and has other cleansing and immunity boosting properties. There are a large number of recopies that are made using sweet potatoes. 

You can enjoy their great taste along with their health benefits. Or you can boil or roast them and simply include them in your lunch or dinner.


Tomatoes are rich in glutathione, which is an awesome protein for cleansing and detoxifying your liver. They are also great for weight loss and their consumption can save you from many cancers like breast cancer and skin cancers.


Turmeric is widely used while preparing dishes. Apart from its taste and attractive color, it packs nutrients which are important for the health of your liver. It has a large number of benefits for your liver.

It protects your body from cholesterol formation, prevents the body from toxic chemicals which can harm your health. Turmeric is also great at reducing the damage to your liver caused due to the consumption of alcohol.

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