"Domain Names" Explained

Having your own name isn’t required for your MS capture pages, but it’s HIGHLY recommended. In today’s internet world, if you would like the image and perception of knowledgeable , then you had better have one!

For around $8.00, there’s not a more important investment that you simply could make.

Besides increasing your professional image and therefore the enticement of your affiliate pages, you’ve got many advertising advantages also together with your own name .

You wont need to use long affiliate links, and actually , advertising sites like Google will actually show your ads more if you’ve got your own domain name!

To help with many of the questoins we’ve received, we decided to place together these highlights to assist clarify where to urge a website name and what to try to to with it:

1) Where to urge your domain name:
Go to www.GoDaddy.com. Start With The Domain Search Box and look for a reputation that’s available.

Once you discover a reputation that works, plow ahead and begin the inspect process. Your new name will only cost you $8 – $10. Skip ALL of the additional services they’re going to attempt to sell you. you are doing NOT need them!

You only need to register domains for 1 year at a time to stay costs down. they’re going to automatically renew annually or GoDaddy will notify you to try to to so.

Congrats! You now own your very first domain name!

2) Re-direct Your name with “Domain Forwarding”
The following Video tutorial shows the way to forward your domain…

(NOTE: If you experience trouble with this process, click the “Support” button for GoDaddy and call their 1-800 number. Have one among their associates walk you thru each process.)

3) Why you ought to NOT “Mask” Your Domain:
Domain masking is an option available through most domain providers, including GoDaddy, that ought to NOT be used with affiliate websites!

Masking can actually cause affiliate tracking to be thrown off… leading to lost sales. Although, this hasn’t been found problematic with the MS system, you dont want to require that chance!

So briefly , be safe… DON’T “mask” your domain!

4) More Inside Info On Domains…
To get further insight on domains, the way to use them properly, and why…

Download the “MLM Domain Secrets” eBook HERE.

**You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to look at . If you dont,
you can download it free HERE.

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