Door Takeoff and Estimation Software
Door Takeoff and Estimation Software

There are two basic types of door estimating software. First, a software program that estimates the size and strength of a door based on engineering and architectural criteria. Generally, door estimating software is used at the beginning of design.

 Contractors and builders use the second type of software program, called a door takeoff, to get an accurate count of how many doors are needed for a construction project. For door and window contractors, these programs are incredibly useful because they enable them to keep a precise count of how many of each type of door is required.

 It is far more efficient to count the doors as they are passed using a program than to use a piece of paper. Door estimating and takeoff programs can go one step further by including the material costs and markups.

The Experts’ Tips for Estimating Doors

It will be easy to identify each opening on the architectural drawings if there is a proper door schedule. According to the schedule and any other relevant information, define each opening. Specifications should include installation information.

Combine all similar types of doors and frames in your quantity survey, checking each off as you go to ensure nothing has been overlooked. When using double doors, for example, one can easily check that two doors and only one frame have been included.

Both the door and the frame should be checked for the following details:

The following materials are included



A list of materials deemed essential

Safety labels for fires

Then, finish

Styles to consider

when choosing a door

Increasingly, prehung doors and windows are being used in the construction where local work rules allow. Locksets and interior casings are usually extras for pre-hung units. In buildings with many doors, these can be standard and need only be counted. Keep in mind that exterior prehung doors must have casings on the inside. The Quantity Sheet should include space for casings, stops, grounds, and hardware. The sheets can be combined or can be separate.

Spectacular Doors

Numerous kinds of specialty doors may be included – for example, sliding glass doors, overhead garage doors, and bulkhead doors. All of these should be removed separately. To make sure all hardware, operating mechanisms, fire ratings, finishes, and any special installation requirements are addressed, the estimator should carefully examine the plans and specifications.

Doors for the fire department

While performing the quantity takeoff, the estimator must pay special attention to fire doors. A fire door’s exact type must be determined. Among the four types of doors with the “B” label, there are four different types. Many fire codes, as well as building codes, require the frames and hardware on fire doors to be fire-rated. If fire doors or any other doors will be installed with glass (usually wired) or special inserts, make sure to include those quantities when deciding quantities.


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