Ducktoes Computer Repair Shop and Services
Ducktoes Computer Repair Shop and Services

In our computer repair shop in Calgary and our onsite Calgary IT support department, we specialize in making your computers run as fast and smoothly as possible. We fix desktops, laptops, and servers for both hardware and software issues. We repair all types of PCs and computer-related hardware.

If you want to be treated well and have your computer running better than ever, come to Ducktoes virus removal and computer repair lab. Or if you’re wondering where to take your computer for repair in Calgary, bring it to our shop. We’ll start fixing it today.

We’ll improve your experience with computers and help you use technology to improve your life and business. If you are searching for computer repair in Calgary, you can check this website. TechEspresso completes all repairs directly in your home or business. They have multiple technicians that are ready to solve the computer repair problems.

We lose the virus but keep the photos, iTunes, and business documents.

On all repairs, we make your data, photos, and documents our priority and have extensive virus and spyware removal experience without doing a clean install. This takes longer and is more difficult than reformatting the hard drive, but is much easier on you, the client.

We don’t reformat or use reformatting as our main repair tool and wipe out your personal and business files. We remove viruses without removing data.

Don’t let other tech companies fool you, adequate virus removal and computer optimization take longer than one or two hours. We give your computer the time necessary to do an excellent job. And reformatting using our methods is rarely necessary. We provide free anti-virus software for every computer we service.

We also are expert and experienced hardware technicians for all Calgary computers, both desktops, and laptops. And we repair, maintain, update and configure servers. We repair and replace hard drives, video cards, motherboards, power supplies, ram, fans, CPUs, laptop screens, laptop motherboards, laptop jacks, laptop anything… If it’s the hardware we fix it.

We have a Monday Morning Special. Bring your computer in on Mondays before noon and ask for the Monday Morning Special and we’ll give you 10% off service charges.

We are top-notch techs with extensive expertise, professionalism, and people skills.

We are friendly, welcoming to all types of people and situations, and always put your data, needs, and confidentiality first. Unlike many techs, we enjoy people and have good communication skills. We have extensive training and years of experience. We are a small Calgary computer repair shop with a difference, we care about you and your computer.

We do everything.

If it has to do with computers, we do it. We repair, install and maintain all kinds of hardware and software and repair all kinds of computers, including desktops, laptops, and servers. We have specialized laptop repair technicians which are difficult to find in Calgary.

They can fix almost any laptop hardware problem such as screens, power jacks, keyboards, and sometimes, motherboards and hinges. We also provide Business IT support and solutions for all businesses and non-profits. And we make onsite business and residential calls.

We build computers that are designed to last with high-quality parts and local service.

Along with computer repair services, we also offer web design, development, maintenance, and search engine optimization (SEO) services for businesses. We write SEO-friendly code that gets optimal search engine visibility and more targeted traffic. We’ll get your business to the top of search engines.


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