PowerPoint gives you the luxury of creating effective presentation. However, the irony is that there are hardly any users which are fully aware of the basics of creating flowcharts. Therefore, they are not able to make the best use of the PowerPoint. However, now the users have nothing to worry as the following article will give them enough information which is going to help them towards creating highly sophisticated presentation materials quite like the way they want.

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Flowcharts act as the best way of giving you a clear and concise step by step process as it uses different kinds of arrows and labeled boxes to help you understand in a highly effective way.

Following are the steps by which you can effectively make a flowchart

1. As you begin with, you are required to create a new slide. (It is done by right clicking on the slides tab by choosing, “New Slide” on menu.

2. In the second step, you will get to know the way to draw objects by enabling the grids. Click view menu and then click Grid and Guides.

In order to enable the grids, you need to check the “Display grid on screen”. While closing the window, Click OK.

3. Use the AutoShapes menu, in order to access the Flowchart objects

In order to draw on the slide, you can choose any flowchart object. Users will be able to understand more clearly as I begin with a “terminator” block which is considered to be the starting point.

4. The forth step entails you to put text inside the boxes which act as labels. You just need to right click on the object and after that choose “Add Text”

You have the convenience and luxury of typing any text inside the object.

5. Now, by following the aforesaid steps, you need to draw other objects.

6. By using connectors, you are required to connect the objects

Make Flow Charts in PowerPoint
Make Flow Charts in PowerPoint

You need to remember one of the important things that you only have to use connectors instead of lines. After all, it is done for your ease since Connectors are bound with other objects; hence, they are quite easier to be managed as well.

From the above box, you can in fact see that even if the boxes are moved, the connectors are still intact.

Hence, by following are the aforesaid steps, you are going to make your own flowcharts. In the flowchart AutoShapes, you have the luxury of choosing from various types of flowchart. You just need to choose the right and appropriate type of box for each and every single step of your operations. If you want to edit the look of the items, you can equally do the same, by right-clicking them and choosing the “Format AutoShape” menu.

Thanks to this window, you are effectively able to edit the line style, colors, weight of borders along with transparency and other cosmetic parameters.

Finally, you will gather accolades and appreciation from your near and dear ones as you are going to show them your own flow charts. Great isn’t it?

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