Embracing a dream of sleeping in bed.
Embracing a dream of sleeping in bed.

I bought a new house now and am sleeping in a tatami room with a futon. However, the time and effort to pull the futon and the fluffy feeling are different. Having lived in bed for a long time, I feel that my back is strained for some reason. I often say that tatami mats are good for the waist, but is there a way for me to bed? I dream of creating and changing the situation of buying a bed early.

If you live alone as a college student and a member of society, a studio apartment or apartment is sufficient for your living. It is a convenient sofa in a studio or a studio apartment. If you live alone, all you need is a sofa and a table and you can do it all on the spot. Also, if you have one sofa, it is convenient for you.

Taiwan Honda announced the hybrid vehicle (HV) “Insight” on the 24th. Despite being imported from Japan, it seems that the spread will gain momentum by keeping it below 1 million NT dollars (about 2.77 million yen), which is the lowest price for VHS on the market in the region. The company has been focusing on environmental protection since last year and will strengthen green measures by introducing insights.

The bottleneck of VHS is the high price of the main unit. According to the company’s survey, 65% of car owners say they are “interested in VHS.” However, the cheapest HV in Taiwan is 1.29 million yuan. If it is expensive, it will be 5.19 million yuan.

The excise tax halving measures have been applied since February last year, and although they are gradually becoming widespread, their share of the total new car market remains at a low level of 1.17% from January to November.

Under these circumstances, Taiwan Honda set a competitive price of 999,000 yuan to show its seriousness toward VHS. The secret of the low price is the HV system “IMA” originally developed by Honda. The feature is that the motor that supports the main gasoline engine is lighter and smaller than conventional products. In addition, by sharing some parts with other vehicle models, it has realized a thorough cost reduction.

Although it was introduced under the adversity of the strong yen, Chairman Yoshiyuki Suzuki explained, “I wanted to sell Japanese imported cars for less than 1 million yuan.” “I don’t know how much HV share can be taken, but I hope it will lead to the expansion of the bottom of the market,” he said.

Reservations have been accepted since late November last year, and 73 units have already been ordered. It is expected that the car will be delivered by the end of February next year. Production in Taiwan is not expected to have economies of scale and development costs are high, so for the time being, imports from Japan will be used.

The company started green measures starting with the “Taipei International Car Exhibition” held at the end of last year. Since the beginning of this year, it has been focusing on environmental protection, such as acquiring the Green Mark from the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan for the first time as an automobile manufacturer.

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