Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

With more than 45.6 million monthly users, Candy Crush Saga has become the most popular game on Facebook.  Not only did it surpass Farmville 2 in terms of popularity, but it also continues to attract throngs of new users each week.  As an online puzzle game filled with sweet treats and trickery, this game might also be described as addicting as chocolate!

Overview Of Candy Crush Saga

Created in 2012, Candy Crush Saga is actually a variation of the online puzzle game Candy Crush.  Created by, the game features multiple levels that, not surprisingly, become progressively more difficult as players move ahead in the game.  Similar to games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush Saga is a match-three type of game. 

Essentially, players must match three or even more candies on each differently shaped board to win prizes as well as game-play bonuses.  According to, there are nine episodes in the game featuring a total of 275 levels.  Users enjoy the convenience of playing Candy Crush Saga online and the game is played from laptops, mobile, phones, or other mobile devices like tablets.


Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats
Sweet Treats

Candy Crush Saga is all about candies!  The game features colored candies, special candies, and even candy combinations that players must collect.  Matching is accomplished through moves.  Players have a limited number of moves and on some timed boards even a limited amount of time to complete their objectives. 

On each board, the player is presented with a set amount of moves and a point goal.  To move forward, players must successfully complete each board’s gameplay.

Getting To Know The Candy

The special candies as well as chocolate, for instance, have special properties.  Chocolate, for instance, must be cleared as it can grow and even multiply on the board; in such cases, the chocolate becomes an obstacle for the player.  Special candies can be created when players match four colored candies. 

The special candies have special talents but when swapped, they can become even more powerful tools in the player’s arsenal.  Wrapper candies, for example, can clear a 3×3 square around itself—a great board-clearing bonus!  When a player is able to swap two wrapper candies during the gameplay, the blast potential ramps up to a 5×5 square.

Tasty Tips For A Sweet Game

Naturally, players tend to develop their own strategies as they move along in the game.  Keep these tips in mind, however, as they may prove helpful—especially for increasingly difficult boards like the notorious Level 29!  In terms of the number of available moves, players should make it a habit to use fewer moves than the amount offered; players are rewarded when they keep their moves to a minimum. 

Another useful tip—always study the board and strategize before making any moves unless it’s a time board and you’ll have to move quickly.  Take your time when you are able; you’ll enhance your gameplay which could pay off the further you go in Candy Crush Saga.

Give It A Try

Sign on through Facebook or head to to see what all the excitement is about over this popular game.  As online games go, fans will enthusiastically report—this one is the sweetest! Luke Harper is a busy dad of five. He enjoys playing online games to let off some steam and then posts about it online.

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