Blogging has become one of the most lucrative ventures for people looking to take their sporting passion to greater heights. Whether you are a golfer looking to share your teeing journey with the rest of the world or a soccer fan tracking the biggest summer transfers, a good blog should help you get the message out. But here is the big question: Do you know how to start a successful sports blog? 

The truth is that sports bloggers with huge following always have a few blogging tricks up their sleeves. You may want to follow OConnor Golf Course blog to learn more about sports blogging. However, that is only a fraction of everything you need to know. In this post, we help you explore vital tips on how to start a successful sports blog. Read on to learn more. 

Choose a niche

Let’s admit it. When it comes to starting a sports blog, you will have lots of information to digest, especially when deciding on a niche. From cricket, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, car racing, horseracing, formula one, rugby, skating to hundreds of other sports, the list is endless. However, taking note that successful bloggers emphasize choosing a niche in which to specialize, you must decide from the start. 

Thus, the catch is that you should write about a sport in which you have an interest. But first, you should learn about it. You will do your readers justice if you have a good mastery of a sport instead of basing your blogging or hearsay.

Pick a name for your blog

A blog name will make you stand out from the past. If you cannot limit it to one word, do not exceed three. Search engines favor short blog names when it comes to ranking on search display pages. Before you decide on a name, come up with random ideas then choose the best among them. With name also comes domain. A platform like WordPress will guide you every step of the way when it comes to choosing a domain. You can start with a free or paid domain. 

Choose a hosting service

For your sports blog to edge out competitors, you should host it with a service provider. You pay some money to do this, but it’s only a few bucks to get you off the ground.  From Hostgator, Blue host to, Host4Geeks there are several sports-friendly hosting services on the best from which to choose a befitting package.

Keep the flow of your blog, juicy and current

In the world of sports, starting a successful blog means you must stay focused, updated and informed. Sports lovers are always looking for the latest news, rumors, and scores. If you cannot have a live ticker on your blog, then consider having a live social feed where readers can get the latest news, interact and discuss. Most importantly, learn the language of sports because it is the only sure way of adding jest to your blogs.

Final Thoughts

Sports blogging is a very popular and lucrative profession. However, it is already crowded by some of the best sporting talents. Thus, you must curve out something unique from the niche to edge out competitors.


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