High Rankings Again for Shelby and a New Backlinking Tool Reviewed
High Rankings Again for Shelby and a New Backlinking Tool Reviewed

New Backlinking Tool Reviewed anyone who is coming over from Pat Flynn’s blog or via the Warrior Forum 40 Day Challenge, then a big welcome to you – I hope you gain a lot from this blog and it helps you to achieve some of the massive success that Pat himself has been experiencing!

I myself am going to be using some of his wonderful info about product creation – I’ll then make sure I get my webpages ranking at or near the top within Google, simply by using some of the strategies that were outlined by Pat, which he gained from the 40 Day Challenge, and a few others that I have since discussed on this blog.

I was horribly sick all of yesterday afternoon and through the night, so not much has been happening online in the past 20 hours or so as far as my own business is concerned. However, I’ve just taken a peek at my AdSense (which is way down on this time last month!) and I saw that the page view count for the Shelby site is nicely up.

So I fired up the Google Adwords preview tool and check out rankings for Google (not Google dot com) and for the United States specifically, seeing as that is where the largest amount of searchers are going to be coming from for Shelby autos.


A few weeks back Shelby site had pretty much disappeared from its previous good rankings for a number of short-tail keyword phrases. It was ranked top for “Shelby GT500 for sale” which is the exact match domain, and this made it just a little easier to get a top spot – with quite a lot of backlinking I may add.

Okay, so that’s looking very good indeed – better rankings than ever before for that site. Having said this, I don’t believe it’s going to be seeing too much in the way of sales over the Christmas period. But the main thing is that it has actually come back this strongly and now the only way is up!

I just have to be patient now and hope that exactly the same thing comes true for what was my best performer up until a few weeks back when it too disappeared from previous good rankings for all sorts of long tails. Come on Google, give me a break here, please!

I was going to discuss (briefly) a tool that I’ve been using recently. I’ve not been using it for long enough to be able to vouch for results, but I can give my opinion of it over-all.

The tool is called Article Marketing Robot (AMR), which is the sort of name that would usually have me run a mile! However, I read some good things about this tool before I decided to invest in it. Here are my considerations…

It allows you to post your spun article to some 18 hundred directories, and that number is growing. Of course, not all submissions are successful, but you can simply run through the submission a few times to ensure it reaches more directories. And, if you do run the submission process a few times, no need to worry that your article will be re-submitted to the same directory – it will not be.

Setting up this sort of tool generally does pose someone like myself a few issues – filling in POP3 details, etc. is not my cup of tea! But I went on live chat with my web host Hostgator and asked them. Within 5 minutes they had figured it out correctly and I was then good to go.

Once you’ve used this apparatus a couple of times, it becomes a sinch. You just feed in your details – name, address, etc., then set up your POP3 email address. Then you feed in your spun article and bio box. I go for at least 40% uniqueness, and even my articles to ezinearticles dot com have been accepted, which I have to admit I was surprised about!

Oh, and you can set this up to simply send out a few article submissions each day, or you can set it to send out all the articles in a single go. You may want to use buffers such as Web 2.0′s or higher end article directory submissions to channel your links through if you go for a mass single submission. Or indeed – you may not.

There is one down side to this tool and that is that it hogs your computer’s resources when in use. And it certainly hogs my connection bandwidth. So ideally its best to let it run while you are away from the computer.

Now, as I mentioned, I cannot as of yet vouch for over-all results as I’ve only been using this tool for a couple of weeks. One site I have been using it on is my best performer. I wanted to see if mass backlinking would get that site back to its former glories. Not happening as of yet but I’m hopeful that it will work.

Another site that I have been using it on is a new site. Yes, you read that right – a new site. That site is only a few weeks old and I’ve been really hitting it hard with these links from AMR. And, it’s ranking top 10 for a couple of half-decent terms, and has not sandboxed, nor is it dancing in the rankings.

I find that very interesting indeed because I thought that such a new site would at least dance around when hitting it hard with a lot of mediocre quality backlinks. I best touch wood right now or else that site will go flying towards “sandbox” or something 😉

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