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During our academic life, we as students have to juggle between a lot of things coming our way, such as spending quality time with our family and acquaintances, playing outdoor and indoor games, and of course, assignments! Coursework help, writing essays, and research papers are a major requirement of these assignments given by our teachers and the bad news about all this is that they come with a DEADLINE.

Writing an essay or research paper is a daunting and intimidating task for some students, although buying a research paper for college is always an open option for apprentices but some people prefer writing it themselves. Therefore, this article will help individuals learn the nitty-gritty for writing an outstanding research paper which is a crucial part of our academic lives.

Comprehend on the project: This is the most important thing when starting with any kind of project, be it a research paper or an essay. It’s important to know the basic obligation of the assignment given by the professor.

It’s enormously imperative to know what they are expecting from the student. Individuals tend to skip this step which leads them into trouble, they score bad grades which ends up making them depressed and anxious. Hence, it’s important to read the instructions carefully.

Select a topic: Once the first step is thoroughly followed, it’s time to start looking for a topic individuals want to write on or about. For this, we encourage all apprentices to choose a safe topic, don’t think out of the box, this won’t be a good idea.

Choose to write about something you have knowledge about or have an interest in. The topic doesn’t have to be ideal or very hi-tech but it has to be interesting so it enthralls the reader’s mind and is also easy to write about for them.

First draft: Before we further explain this point please remember that the first draft is not the final draft hence one should be relaxed, all they need to do is outline the points and phrases they want to add and talk about in their paper.

Pen down every point that comes to your mind regarding the chosen topic. Make sure all the obligations and requirements of the assignment are being followed. The first draft of the paper is important as it enormously helps students when they start writing the final paper. Therefore, think critically and pen down everything that comes to your mind.

Final draft: After all the above-mentioned steps are thoroughly followed, it’s time to write the final paper. Individuals should not be hard on themselves while doing school assignments. Take your time, relax, calm down, follow the outline, and just write. Panicking will lead you nowhere.

Blunders: There are several sources available on the internet which can help students get rid of all the blunders they made while writing the paper. It can be grammatical mistakes, lack of good words, anything. It’s now time to make the paper appear more presentable and worth reading. Get external proficient help if required. Once all the changes are made, read the paper aloud to yourself or someone you are comfortable with, someone who can explain your inaccuracies, check if you missed any point, Edit the paper accordingly.

Well done! You have done it! It’s time to submit the paper.

The tips on how to build a personal website

The tips on how to build a personal website
The tips on how to build a personal website

A website is a networking tool that a student can comfortably use to keep the content for further use. Imagine instances where you have to apply for job opportunities only to be told to modify your resume according to the needs of the company. This implies that whenever you apply for a job, you must make changes to your resume. However, all these issues can be solved by creating a personal website. Paper Writing Pros crafted these tips for you to follow:

Why build a personal website?

To be easily accessible

Most of the things nowadays take place via the internet. Gone are the days when you have to walk miles to go and drop your resume physically in a firm. If you have a personal website, it is easier for someone searching for your skills to find you.

To gain useful skills

In the process of building your website, you will learn and understand different skills. For example, at some point, you will have to customize and optimize ideas, which fall under IT. Even if you are not an IT specialist, the skills might help you when you least expect.

A website creates a good portfolio

Since a website keeps changing, you can always update on your progress. If you achieve a particular project, you can upgrade at any time on the website. When people visit the site, they can see where you have come from and the steps you have been taking up to where you have reached.

A website makes you unique from the rest

Since the technology keeps on advancing, how people operate keeps changing as well. Although many people still use resumes when looking for job opportunities, the idea isn’t that valid in this era. When you create your personal website, the chances of you being considered from the rest are high.

How to build your personal website

Have a Domain name and Hosting

Before anything else, you must choose how the website will be hosted. Here, you can create a free blog at either WordPress.com, Weebly, or Tumblr. When choosing a domain name, if possible, consider using your first name and last name, then add.com. The domain extensions should be professional for example, org, .com, .co, and .me.

WordPress installation and site set-up

Although WordPress was initially used for blogging, changes have been made in that it can be used for personal websites. You will use the credentials send in your email to log in. After there, you will follow the guidelines given until you install WordPress.

Site Set-up

When you log into the dashboard, you will see several tools that will help you customize your site according to your preference.

SSL activation

Activate the SSL before you think of posting any content to the site for security purposes.


If you are a student and thinking of creating a website, then you are on the right move. You only need to understand the reason for creating the site and your targeted users so that you can know the type of content to produce. Remember to personalize the ‘about me’ page on your website so that you give visitors a clear view of your activities and your progress.

Ten Video Marketing Techniques For Effective Branding And Promotions

Ten Video Marketing Techniques For Effective Branding And Promotions
Ten Video Marketing Techniques For Effective Branding And Promotions

Since the inception of mankind, marketing and advertisement have been intertwined branches of good and service production. To make a sale, you first need to catch the attention of your target audience and then convey a persuasive message through effective marketing techniques.

Even though the desired outcome remains the same, the promotion techniques and strategies have gone through major transformations overtime. From print media promotions, more and more brands and businesses have begun opting for social media promotion since a massive segment of the global population consumes data through social media extensively. 

This drastic shift in promotional techniques has given an integrated approach to digital marketing that is more comprehensive and pragmatic than the traditional promotions that existed previously. An exponentially growing by-product of social media marketing is content generation.

You cannot promote your brand on the internet without generating authentic content on regular bases. It is also incredibly important that your content is diverse and intriguing in nature. Thus, incorporating video in your static feed is a wise choice that most local and international brands have made over the years. 

Why video marketing?

Video marketing is the way of promoting your brand through creative videos. It is increasingly popular in today’s time since people prefer watching a video rather than reading a lengthy text on social media. You can also increase your audience engagement rate through video marketing since your target audience is more likely to react on a video than a wordy caption on your post.

Ten Video Marketing Techniques For Effective Branding And Promotions
Ten Video Marketing Techniques For Effective Branding And Promotions

Through the YouTube video maker, you can create stunning videos for your social media profiles and YouTube. While it is true that a picture says a thousand words, in reality, that’s very limited information for your viewers at a time. On the other hand, you can share plenty of information through videos without making it seem dull or boring. Videos are also excellent storytelling tools that help tell your brand story to the world. 

Here are ten ways to market your presence on the internet through videos

User-generated videos

User-generated content is always a successful marketing strategy for social media since it instantly forges a personal connection with the target audience. As the name suggests, this type of content is created by consumers and other individuals.

Product Reviews and Customer testimonials can be considered perfect examples of user-generated content that you must boost on your social media account. User-generated videos do not require any high-end production or technical acumen. All you need is your raw footage and a reliable promo video maker.

You must select a compelling template on the application and then export your raw footage for processing. You can further make necessary alterations through the timeline of your video. Make sure to not add any extra elements into the video since user-generated content must be as bleak as possible in order to increase customer affinity and retain loyal consumers. 

Influencer videos

Another extremely popular way of promoting your brand through videos is by showcasing your affiliation with a well-known personality or social media influencer. Since the beginning of time, all of us are programmed to trust faces and not just mere footage or imageries. Thus, hiring a spokesperson or known individual for the endorsement of your brand can give your brand a face and help your potential prospects trust you better.

Influencer videos can also be easily created on the YouTube video maker once raw footage is strategized and shot in high-resolution. Poor quality footages will seem distorted and less appealing. To increase the impactfulness of your video you can add transitions and animations in your video. Make sure to leave enough breathing space in each frame so that your video does not seem overcrowded or congested. 

Ad campaigns

Running Ad campaigns is a high-end marketing technique that brands like Adidas and Nike carry out flawlessly since they are empowered by extensive research and steel-strong strategies. To run a successful ad campaign you must first gain a deep understanding of the composition of your market.

You must then establish certain objectives of the campaign, for instance, increasing brand awareness and convergence rate or getting more people to install your application or multiplying your youtube channel subscriptions. You must then strategize your marketing video content in a way that resonates with your brand values and highlights your brand USPs.

With the help of a promo video maker, you can shape a pitch-perfect marketing video for effective branding and promotion. Furthermore, you can analyze the performance of your videos and incorporate changes while strategizing your future ad campaigns to yield a better outcome.

Videos with a storyboard

You can only create a video if you have a story to tell. Through video marketing you can videocast your brand story in a hasslefree manner. The video making applications are well-equipped for all your video content creation needs.

Although, before you kick start the creation process, you must first establish a well-crafted storyboard for your video. A pre-established storyboard shall help you execute your strategy effectively and tell your story with conviction.

Telling a story through your video is a good way to humanize your brand and win the trust of your prevailing and potential consumers. Most brands run video advertisements that have a well-established storyboard. If people on social media understand and like your story, your video can easily go viral on the internet 

Tutorial videos

Heavily used in the branding and placement of make-up and cosmetic brands, tutorial videos are an incredibly effective video marketing technique. You can increase your audience engagement rate drastically by assisting your viewers to make the best use of your product thereby increasing brand visibility. You can browse through a wide variety of tutorial video templates on YouTube video makers and create stunning tutorial videos for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

Stimulate exponential growth in your business, increase brand identity, and forge a strong relationship with your consumers by marking your presence on social media through video marketing. Happy video making!

How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10

how to stop skype from starting automatically windows 10
How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10

There are a hell lot of windows 10 users who have been facing this issue and they are equally puzzled just like me because the Skype app is getting starred automatically, and it’s disturbing. The battery drainage is too much because the app is continuously running in the background. So, it’s petty much normal if you are wondering How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Windows 10, but here we will be sharing amazing ways to make the skype stop working.

First of all, you must have skype pre-installed in your system and you can not uninstall it. Hence, you should not try to uninstall it. So, it would be better to find out the way of how to Stop Skype From Starting. Basically there are three different versions and you need to identify, which version is bothering you. However, we would be sharing every detail that you need to know in order to stop skype.

How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Windows 10?

As we said, there are three different versions of skype, and being a windows 10 user, you must have come across all of them. Skype has an irritating habit of getting started automatically and the most important part is, it will keep running in the background so you will have to charge your laptop frequently.

The three versions are the Skype desktop app, skype preview, and skype for business. They all are a part of your windows 10 operating system and you need them all to force stop. Sometimes, force stops them will also not even work and you might need a full proof plan that will make everything fall in place.

Stop Skype From Starting Windows 10:

How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10
How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10

You must have pre-installed the skype desktop app. You will find the app boosting automatically with your desktop or laptop. At the same time, it will sign you into your skype account and still keep running in the background of Windows 10. We would be discussing a few steps below so that you can stop it from starting automatically.

  • First of all, you need to open the desktop app on your desktop. You can easily do this by clicking on the icon from the list of your app.
  • You need to sign in to your skype account if you are not already signed in.
  • Now, you need to click on the tools that you will notice on the top of the menu bar and then you need to click on the option. Next, you need to tab in the drop-down menu.
  • You will see on the opinions screen and then uncheck the option for “start skype when I start windows” and click on save.

Once, you are done you will not at all find the skype app starting automatically on your Windows 10. When you will need the requirement, you can simply click on the icon and launch the app.

However, you will not also face the battery drainage after this so you do not have to charge it frequently. Windows 10 Disable Skype is not really that tough but you need to know the exact way how to do it. Otherwise, it might be an issue.

Disable Skype On Startup Windows 10:

If you are wondering How To Disable Skype Windows 10, then you can do it following a few steps. Skype is no doubt a great program in order to have good communication but it has some annoying side effects too. Being convenient is no doubt the best part skype but you can easily disable the auto-start feature!

How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10
How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10
  • You need to right-click on your taskbar and select the task manager.
  • After opening the task manager, you will have to move to the basic startup tab. You can simply select it at the top of the menu bar.
  • You will get to see plenty of other applications but keep scrolling until you find skype.
  • Once, you have found it, you need to check the status bar and you will see that it is enabled.
  • It means that it starts up every time when you turn on your computer. Now, you need to turn it off and right-click on the skype entry and choose the disable option.

Hence, you know How To Disable Skype On Startup Windows 10 and you do not need to worry about it anymore. We know it is enough to make you pissed off and you can not simply deal with it every time. We know how essential it is to make the charge long lasting especially if there is any power cut in your society and only because of the skype running in the background, can affect badly on your charge. So, you need to look into this. Hopefully, this will be very helpful for you.

How to stop Skype from Starting automatically Windows 10Discussion
How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Windows 10?The process is not at all though and you can do it by yourself. We have mentioned the process so that you can follow that.
Stop Skype From Starting Windows 10The process we have discussed and you need to follow as mentioned so that you can stop skype from making you pissed off.
Disable Skype On Startup Windows 10It might seem difficult, but we have mentioned the whole process just to make it easier for you.


If you are not a corporate person then you do not even need to use skype and that’s why you can disable it for permanently. However, we have seen that people do not like skype that much because it has relatively bad connectivity and you can not deal with it while you are on a call or during a meeting. Although, the simple design will catch your mind no matter what. So, you can follow these simple tricks.


How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells

How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells
How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells

Are you almost there to the level where you need the Bell Tower Key in Dead Cells to unlock the mysterious door? Well, we have seen that people are getting gaga over the fact that they have reached the Dead Cells Clock Tower Key and of course, that’s for some reason. This is considered to be the most mysterious door that you will ever come across.

You can easily unlock the door using the bell tower key but of if you are enough experienced. However, people get confused over the fact that the Bell Tower Key in Dead Cells might be difficult to find if you are not really known for this game.

Being new to this game would make some problems as well as slow down the process when you will be trying to reach the Dead Cells Clock Tower Bells. No matter what but you need to be well known with the Dead Cells Map so that you can easily find the most mysterious door. However, we will be sharing everything that you need to know in order to get the bell tower key in dead cells.

How to find the bell tower key?

How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells
How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells

Once you will start playing the game, you will literally have to pass a hell lot of levels to reach the dead cells. The Dead Cells Clock Tower is considered to be the most difficult one and you can explore it as you are soon to be near about opening the door.

It will require the Bell Tower Key Dead Cells Reddit to unlock the level. You might feel it really difficult to acquire the key but as we said, it will depend on how well known you are with the level. The toughest part would be, it will keep changing each time you will enter.

In fact, sometimes you might feel that the level is repeating as it will keep finding the key and take you back to the door without any notice. Once, you will get the entry then you can get access to the blueprint for the punishment shield. It is no doubt, a very powerful item that will reflect all incoming damages on your nearby enemies and it will hit them with something very critical if only the parry is successful. You will literally feel blessed to have this item while running and you will feel the urge of grabbing it as early as possible.

Well, in terms of getting the key so that you can unlock the door, you need the keys in your hand. This can be done in a short time span just by investigating the Clock Tower Dead Cells and finding the four bells that are scattered around the level of the game. You might think that the bells are absolutely useless but once you will get into the game. You can get four tones from each of the bells.

The main goal would be to hit the bells from lowest to highest. You need to be real quick while doing this so that the Dead Cells Level Map can solve the Dead Cells Bell Puzzle and you can spot them and then finally make sure which one has the highest pitches and which one has the lowest. From there onwards, Architects Key Dead Cells one by one. You need to follow the Dead Cells Map Layout and make sure that you are doing it in the correct order.

If you do it in the correct order then you will be rewarded with the bell tower key and that will be surprisingly poofed right onto the ground. Once, getting the Clocktower Key Dead Cells, you can make your way back to the door in order to unlock the level. However, the procedure might seem a bit difficult but you will be soo grabbing the punishment shield and now it’s your time to way back to the collector. 

How the level will make you go through?

When you are playing Dead Cells Biomes, the most important thing would be the most important thing to achieve Gardeners Key in Dead Cells. To be honest, Dead Cells Biome Map can help you to reach to the Dead Cells Clock Room so that you can collect the key to move further. However, the Dead Cells Gardeners Key Locations will be easier for you as they are not that difficult to understand and you can also easily achieve Dead Cells Architects Key that you have never probably imagined.

How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead CellsDiscussion
How to find the bell tower key?We have discussed the whole procedure of finding the tower key in dead cells. You should check out!
How the level will make you go through?It might seem difficult but once you will get into the game, it will cringe you to stay there.


People generally say that Dead Cells Gardeners Key Ramparts is no doubt a very difficult thing that you will ever come across. But you would find more fun while finding the bell tower key and the irony would always be, how the bells would seem worthless at first. But, it will turn into the treasure after that.


Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

Edgenuity is an app that has been the subject of education in these trying times. It is an online learning platform that offers the student a linear model of preparation when it comes to online preparation for tests, courses, and other things related to education for middle and high school students.How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

It will help you with the curricula of the test as well as help you prep on your own as you can easily not oy track your own speed and methods of preparing but even can hon it too. So this platform will not only help you advance and learn but will help you get better.

Why can’t you skip the videos in Edgenuity?

There are many reasons why they have not given the option to skip videos,

  • It could be for commercial purpose
  • It is adding revenues.

However, there are ways to skip it even though the database of the system has a built-in system that does not allow the students to skip it. The longer you have watched a video, that is the time that will be added to the video until you can skip it.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

So it only lengthens the time. But how to skip it? Worry not, we will teach you ways on how to skip edgenuity videos. All the ways are very easy and those tips will help you to skip the videos very easily without making any fuss or changes. So let us start right away.

Some ways on how to skip videos on edgenuity:

Skipping the videos on Edgenuity has become very important as one cannot invest more time on this without losing it. One could watch another educational video. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

  • Using the note tricks to skip the videos: By using this easy formula you can easily skip the video following the easy step.
    • First, you have to open notes
    • Now you have to write something on the notes
    • Now after you have written something on it, you have to tap outside of the text box
    • Now you have to keep clicking the backspace of the keyboard.
    • Now, this trick will easily help you choose the next video so go to the course menu.
    • Choose the video you want to watch by clicking next.
  • How to skip every video in ingenuity by disconnecting the network?

You can easily skip all the videos and choose the one you want to watch very easily by following this easy method. All you have to do is disconnect your network. Here are the ways.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
  • First, you have to disconnect your network.
    1. Then you have to get out of the site.
    2. Now clear the ram.
    3. Clear the page too.
    4. Connect your internet with your device
    5. Go to the site again and let it load.
    6. All the videos will be gone and you can easily choose the one you want.
  • Use the pause section to make it work: We have already discussed how Edgenuity has the in-built system which makes the user see the whole of the video and makes them stay present for the time spent threshold until you have already done it. After it is already done and dusted, you can move onto the step of clicking on the next video.

So the thing that you can do to make sure that you go to the next video without any worry is bypassing the ‘time spent threshold’ by pausing it until that threshold is spent. You can pause the video for the time that it will be continuing and it will be alright. Pausing and continuing the process is pretty easy and it is not even though, by doing you can skip the video.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
  • How to skip videos in edgenuity by speeding up the lecture using the chrome: The classes that are provided in the Edgenuity class are very long and play very slowly. If you feel the same then you can download an extension of the controller that controls the speed. There is a speed controller extension that you can download in chrome which will manage the speed of the video.

It will also help you to slow down, speed up, rewind at your own pace. Any HTML 5 videos can be used to Fastrack it using this controller how beer the Edgenuity videos fall into the Html5 videos once the flash crashes.

  • First, you have to add the speed controller extension in your chrome.
    • Go to the URL setting.
    • Disable the html5 video for the Edgenuity video
    • Now you have to add https://r17.core.learn.edgenuity.com/ in the block list.
    • When adding it to the blocked list, you will see the appearance of the number on the left side of the lecture.
    • Now choose the speed of the video that you would like to set on it. Sometimes it takes longer to upgrade the system so when it happens that the system gets stuck, make sure that you rewind it a bit then it will allow you to click on ‘next’.
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity VideosDiscussion
Why can’t we skip the Edgenuity video?Mainly the system is in-built that is why you can’t skip. To know more, read above.
Some ways on how to skip videos on edgenuityYou can disconnect the internet, pause the videos, and many more. To know it elaborately, read above.


It is interesting to participate in the online platform that will allow you to come into a single forum like your classroom where you can learn together but waiting for the next video to start and inconsistency of the task is a buzz kill. That is why we have provided you with ways in which you can easily click ‘next’ on the video on Edgenuity.


7 Tips on Effective Essay Writing


Writing an essay regularly is by all accounts a feared task among understudies. While an essay is a huge venture, there are numerous means an understudy can bring that will help separate the errand into reasonable parts. As per Kathy Livingston’s Manual for Writing an Essential Essay, there are seven stages to writing a fruitful essay. Top 7 Tips custom essay writing service.

1. Pick a theme

You may have your theme allocated, or you might be sans given rule to compose regarding your preferred matter. To start with, characterize your motivation. If you will probably convince, pick a subject that you are enthusiastic about. Whatever the crucial essay, ensure that you are keen on your theme.

2. Set up a blueprint or chart of your thoughts
To compose a fruitful essay, you should sort out your contemplations. Utilize either a blueprint or an outline to write down your thoughts and sort out them. From that point, start to list your principle thoughts, leaving space under everyone. In this space, try to list other littler thoughts that identify with every fundamental thought. Doing this will permit you to see associations and will assist you with writing an increasingly composed essay.

3. Compose your proposal proclamation.
Since you have picked a theme and arranged your thoughts into applicable classifications, you should make a postulation articulation. Take a gander at your blueprint or outline.” Another cause of a theory articulation is this one for the “Triumphant Qualities” Grant essay: “During my secondary school profession, I have shown a few of the “Triumphant Attributes,” including Relational abilities, Authority Aptitudes, and Association Abilities, through my inclusion in Understudy Government, National Respect Society, and low maintenance work at Macy’s Retail establishment.”
4. Compose the body.
The body of your essay contends, clarifies, or depicts your theme. Every principle thought that you wrote in your graph or blueprint will turn into a different area inside the body of your essay. Each body section will have a similar fundamental structure. Start by writing one of your principal thoughts as the early on sentence.

5. Compose the presentation.

Since you have built up your proposition and the general body of your essay, you should compose a presentation. The presentation ought to draw in the parser’s consideration and show the focal point of your essay. Start with a consideration grabber.

6. Compose the end
End brings the conclusion of the theme and summarizes your general thoughts while giving a last point of view on your subject. Your decision should comprise of three to five in number sentences. Just survey your primary concerns and give support for your theory.

7. Include the completing contacts

In the wake of writing your decision, you may believe that you have finished your essay. Wrong. Before you think about this as a completed work, you should focus on all the little subtleties. Check the request for your sections. Likewise, ensure that your passage request bodes well. If your essay is portraying a procedure, for example, how to make an extraordinary chocolate cake, ensure that your sections fall in the right request. Check your essay for language structure and spelling botches.

How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways?

How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways?
How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways?

Whenever you are playing a game, you will need more space so that you can download more content that would not only provide you with the latest feature but would secure the easygoing service of the game. How Do I Allocate More Ram

But many times as it happens, your phone or laptop is running low on the space. Worry not, this article is just for you. In this article, we will discuss ways to distribute more space in your PC as it is a guide on how to dedicate more ram to Minecraft. 

Why do you need to allocate more memory to Minecraft?

There are many reasons why distributing the space of Minecraft is the smartest move. It will not only secure the integrity of the game but will also secure the integrity of the computer or any medium that you are using. If your computer has a ram of 8-16gb then it is a problematic issue given the space Minecraft holds. So dispersing it is a good idea. Here is why you should do it 


How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways?
How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways?
  • For the betterment of the game. 
  • For the betterment of the computer. 
  • For gaining more space 
  • For maintaining the integrity of both your computer and the game. 
  • For the smoothness in the operation of both the game and the computer. 
  • For utilizing the space in a more friendly manner. 

How to allocate more ram to the Minecraft server? 

Here we will discuss how to add more ram to Minecraft as it is one of the most needed solutions. 

  • Via mMinecraftJVM arguments ram: 
    1. Go to Minecraft launcher. 
    2. Go to the settings of the Minecraft launcher. 
    3. Now go to the launch options. 
    4. Click open the tab. 
    5. You will see an option of advanced setting. 
    6. Switch it on 
    7. Now you have to choose the profile so that you can change the setting. 
    8. From there, you now have to switch on to Arguments saying ‘JVM Arguments’.
    9. Now there you will see many options that will provide you with options as to how much space you need. The options go like this
      • For 1GB — ‘-Xmx1G‘
      • For 2GB — ‘-Xmx2G‘
      • For 3GB — ‘-Xmx3G‘
    10. Choose which one you want to save. 
    11. Click on the Save button now. 
  • How to increase ram on Minecraft using the old version: Via this, you can do it on the version lower than the average one. Here is how to do it.
    • First, you have to select the ‘Edit Profile‘ option on the menu. 
    • After that check the JVM Arguments option from the checkbox
    • The JVM Arguments option will be starting with the text of ‘-Xmx1G‘.
    • Now you have to replace with the following according to your requirement:
    • For 1GB — ‘-Xmx1G‘
    • For 2GB — ‘-Xmx2G‘
    • For 3GB — ‘-Xmx3G‘ the option will continue to exist. 
    • Save the option that you want to choose. 
  • How to give Minecraft more ram using Minecraft server: You can allocate space using Minecraft servers too. 
    1. First, you have to go to the Minecraft Server Folder
    2. You will see it contains ‘Minecraft_server.exe.’
    3. There you have to create a new text file and type: “java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true” 
    4. You have to reinstate ‘#’ with the requirements that have for space as following below:
      • For 1GB — 1048M
      • For 2GB — 2072M
      • For 4GB — 4096M
      • For 5GB — 5120M.
    5. If you are using MAC then type:

#!/bin/bash cd “$( dirname “$0″ )” java -Xms****M -Xmx****M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true (you have to use extension .bat & save the file in server directory) and follow the following steps. 

  • If you are using Linux then type: “#!/bin/sh BINDIR=$(dirname “$(readlink -fn “$0″)”) cd “$BINDIR” java -Xms****M -Xmx****M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true” and save the file as usual. You have to follow the following rules mentioned above. 
  • Launch the system. 
  • How to give Minecraft more ram using Minecraft twitch mods: You can give more space to Minecraft using these easier steps too. 
    • First, you have to launch the Twitch Application.
    • Then find the Twitch Mods section.
    • Now you will see the option of Minecraft, select it.
    • click on Mod Profile Picture.
    • Look for the 3 dots that are placed on the top-right corner.
    • Now, choose ‘Profile options.’
    • Go to  ‘Member Settings‘, 
    • You have to uncheck the ‘Use System Settings’ box here. 
    • Now go to the slider to modify RAM allocation.
    • Lastly, you have to press ‘OK’.
  • How to change ram in Minecraft using Minecraft technic launcher: 
    • First You have to update to the latest Java version available in the play store. 
    • Now go to the Technic Launcher and launch it. 
    • Now Go To ‘Launcher Options‘
    • Click on java settings there. 
    • Tap on the newly downloaded version.
    • Change the RAM allocation that is available on the drop-down menu.


This is a great article on how to allocate more ram to a game using five easy ways that will surely be efficient and effective. Hope it will work. 

How Do I Allocate More Ram To Minecraft In Five Easy Ways? Discussion
Why do you need to allocate more memory to Minecraft?One needs to allocate the ram of the game in order to make it easier to deal with. The more updates your game gets the more features it will add so having space doesn’t hurt. For more reasons read above. 
How to allocate more ram to the Minecraft server? There are many ways to do that using Minecraft technic launcher as well as JVM arguments that could help you do that. For more information, you have to read the above. 

How to Use YouTube to Create High-Quality MP3s


With YouTube and a few simple steps, you can record and edit a high-quality mp3 for all your friends to hear, and even upload it for yourself as well. Follow these three simple steps to get started and be able to play the video directly from your blog or website.

The first step is to get a blank file and save it to a folder that you will use as your source. Make sure that the file is an .m3u8 file that uses the wave format. In the folder, find an .m3u8 file and save it to your hard drive. Now you have a blank file that you can use to create the mp3 in YouTube.

The next step is to load up your media player of choice. Browse to the file you just saved. If you do not have the file yet, click on the search bar and type in “YouTube to MP3”. Hit enter and let the player pick the file. You will be presented with a variety of options when you are in the video player.

You can change several things in the filename. You can change the extension to .mp3, just change the extension to .avid, or choose a new name. Before you make a decision, make sure that you have downloaded the file that you want to use. This way, you can ensure that the file you are using is what you want.

The next step is to open the file that you have chosen to convert. Go into the “import playlist” option. By default, most players allow you to import files. Click on this option and then enter the name of the file you saved previously into the box.

The next step is to click on the “Playlist” icon. This will load up the queue, which is usually the last tab. Go to the first playlist, and then click on the play button. Repeat this process for the second playlist. After clicking play, you will see a line that says, “Started by /u/KZDMMIIX” and under that is a number.

Add “.m3u8” to the end of the filename, such as “YouTube to mp3.m3u8”. Then hit “OK”. Now you will hear the video you created at full quality.

If you would like to play it at a lower bit rate, go to the left side of the program, where you will see a “media player” icon, and click on it. The next step is to click on the media player icon, which will take you to a different screen. Go into the file, hit “Playback”, and then pick the filename that you would like to use.

The final step is to set the filename to a single file that contains your username and the video title. Now, play it and see how it sounds.

If the audio is much distorted, turn the volume up a little bit, so that it is louder, and play it again with the volume muted. This may sound annoying, but sometimes people forget to turn the volume down on their headphones. So be prepared to do it for them.

If it sounds good, and you want to make changes to the file, you can start by going to the File menu and clicking “Edit”. You can change the duration of the song, change the music channel, or you can also add a caption to the video.

I hope that you now have a systematic guide to getting started with YouTube to MP3 conversion! Do not forget to check out all of the other articles in the Mike Linder series!

Most Secure Email Account 2020


I don’t want to alarm you (too much at least), but there’s a very good chance that your email account is not as secure as you think it is.

Sure, Gmail might be convenient and easy to use, and to a certain degree even secure, but it’s far from the most secure email account provider.

Gmail’s TLS encryption should be enough to protect your data (most of the time at least) from hackers, however, it’s often not hackers that you need to worry about.

Your email provider should protect you from other prying eyes as well.

And Google itself has been known to use bots to collect valuable data on you via your emails.

So, if you’re looking to make your email more secure, first here are a couple of tips:

How to Make Your Email Account More Secure

There are a couple of ways to make your account more secure. 

  1. Don’t use a password that’s easy to guess

Only one person in the world should know your email password and that is you. 

Don’t tell anyone your password. Not your best friend, not your mom, not your dog. No one.

Don’t give any hints to your password to anyone. That means don’t use your kids’ names, your birth date, first pet name. Nothing that someone might tie back to you and figure out your password.

Don’t leave your password on a piece of paper lying around. That’s just stupid. If you can’t remember your password, at least be smart and use a more secure method of storing your password with a password manager like LastPass.

  1. Use information that can’t be traced back to you easily

If you’re worried about stalkers or for some other reason don’t want people to know that you’re behind an email account, then don’t use your real name and information in the email account.

Use a pseudonym instead and fake birth date. 

There’s one important caveat to this, however. 

Something like skywalker100@gmail.com will look far less professional than yourrealname@gmail.com, so if you’re looking to do business with someone and establish trust, you might want to skip that.

  1. Don’t let your browser remember your password and username

Letting the browser remember your username and password can be convenient for all those social media and other website accounts that you have on the Internet, but there’s one account and password that you shouldn’t let it remember.

Your email account and password. 

That way, anyone with access to your computer or laptop could just open the email signing page and there will be a nice surprise waiting for them.

So, if you see a “remember me” checkbox, don’t check it.

  1. Use 2-Step Verification

Most of us have more than one email account. Usually one personal and one for work. 

What you can do to make your email more secure is to use two-step verification.

That way, if you or anyone tries to log in to your account from a different location or device than usual, you’ll get a code to your mobile phone or secondary email account. 

Without this code, it won’t be possible to access the account.

  1. Log off

If you’re going to leave your laptop at work or are using it outside your home, keep in mind that there’s always a chance that other people might try to access your email.

If you’re constantly logged in you’re just making it easier for them.

It’s not enough to just shut down your laptop or close the browser. 

You need to log off completely from your email if you’re not using it.

Best Free Most Secure Email Account 2020

However, even if you do all of this, keep in mind that Gmail is still not the most secure email account provider.

There are much more secure email services that you should use instead of Gmail if you want to keep your email account secure.

Here are the four best free most secure email account providers:

  1. CTemplar

CTemplar’s Free plan will give you 1GB of free storage (data is stored on secure servers in Iceland) and 200 messages per day.

Unlike most “secure” email services, CTemplar will encrypt your email content, attachments, subjects AND contacts and ont just one or two.

Furthermore, CTemplar’s Free plan also provides 2-Factor authentication, brute force protection and anti-phishing protection for better email security.

  1. Tutanota

If you need a secure private email account, Tutanota’s Free plan might be what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, however, that this will only be good for one person and that the Free plan works for Tutanota domains only. So, if you want a custom domain (for instance @yourcompany.com, you’ll have to sign up for a paid plan.

However, you are getting 1GB of free storage.

  1. Mailfence

This Belgium-based service is easily one of the most secure email account providers you’ll find and it offers 2-step verification, 1GB of free storage (500<B email and 500MB documents), plus email support (something often overlooked by other secure email providers, at least for free plans).

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to securing your email account, Mailfence will also offer to encrypt your password using a “shared secret”.

What this means is that you don’t have to bother with complicated PGP keys (Mailfence is fully compatible with PGP encryption) and can send secure messages and attachments via Mailfence.

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is probably the best known free most secure email account service on the Internet.

It’s fully compatible with PGP for sending encrypted email messages online and emails will also be encrypted at rest.

For storing, ProtonMail uses data servers in Switzerland, which has a much more stringent privacy policy than, say, the United States.

Furthermore, ProtonMail also won’t log your data, so even if Swiss authorities get a warrant to disclose your data, there won’t be anything they can show.

The problem, however, is that, in order to sign up for ProtonMail, you’ll have to verify your account with another email address. This isn’t particularly convenient and you’ll need a “burner” or “throwaway” email account.

What do you think is the most secure email account 2020?

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