The tips on how to build a personal website
The tips on how to build a personal website

A website is a networking tool that a student can comfortably use to keep the content for further use. Imagine instances where you have to apply for job opportunities only to be told to modify your resume according to the needs of the company. This implies that whenever you apply for a job, you must make changes to your resume. However, all these issues can be solved by creating a personal website. Paper Writing Pros crafted these tips for you to follow:

Why build a personal website?

To be easily accessible

Most of the things nowadays take place via the internet. Gone are the days when you have to walk miles to go and drop your resume physically in a firm. If you have a personal website, it is easier for someone searching for your skills to find you.

To gain useful skills

In the process of building your website, you will learn and understand different skills. For example, at some point, you will have to customize and optimize ideas, which fall under IT. Even if you are not an IT specialist, the skills might help you when you least expect.

A website creates a good portfolio

Since a website keeps changing, you can always update on your progress. If you achieve a particular project, you can upgrade at any time on the website. When people visit the site, they can see where you have come from and the steps you have been taking up to where you have reached.

A website makes you unique from the rest

Since the technology keeps on advancing, how people operate keeps changing as well. Although many people still use resumes when looking for job opportunities, the idea isn’t that valid in this era. When you create your personal website, the chances of you being considered from the rest are high.

How to build your personal website

Have a Domain name and Hosting

Before anything else, you must choose how the website will be hosted. Here, you can create a free blog at either, Weebly, or Tumblr. When choosing a domain name, if possible, consider using your first name and last name, then The domain extensions should be professional for example, org, .com, .co, and .me.

WordPress installation and site set-up

Although WordPress was initially used for blogging, changes have been made in that it can be used for personal websites. You will use the credentials send in your email to log in. After there, you will follow the guidelines given until you install WordPress.

Site Set-up

When you log into the dashboard, you will see several tools that will help you customize your site according to your preference.

SSL activation

Activate the SSL before you think of posting any content to the site for security purposes.


If you are a student and thinking of creating a website, then you are on the right move. You only need to understand the reason for creating the site and your targeted users so that you can know the type of content to produce. Remember to personalize the ‘about me’ page on your website so that you give visitors a clear view of your activities and your progress.


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