Top 5 Places to Buy Tech
Top 5 Places to Buy Tech

When asked where they generally buy their computer, electronic and / or cell phone products, 41% answered that in department stores, 21% with computer and telephone distributors, 19% in computer plazas, 13% in self-service stores and 6% mention that it is variable or directly with the manufacturer.

29% of the 250 respondents reported that their last purchase was made approximately three months ago (survey applied during the month of April), 27% less than a month ago, 20% a year ago, 16% six months ago and 8% cite another time.

The products with the highest consumption continue to be laptop and cell phone, followed by desktops, flat screens, printers, storage devices, music players and peripherals.

Of the total number of those surveyed, 19% prefer to buy technology in computer seats, while 16% choose Liverpool, 11% Office Depot, 8% Sam’s Club, 7% Palacio de Hierro, the 5% Office Max, 4% Telmex and 3% Best Buy.

Another 16% is shared by Costco, Sears, Wal-Mart, CompuDabo, Radio Shack and Dell, each registering 2%; and with 1% Elektra, Sanborns, Lumen and Steren. On the other hand, 11% do not have a favorite store, as this varies according to the price, variety and availability of the products, guarantees and promotions.

What motivates respondents to buy in these stores and why do they consider them as their favorites? Here are more details about the most preferred locations.

COMPUTER PLACES. 19% of the people who like to buy in computer squares do so mainly because they find better prices, despite the lack of promotions or payment facilities.

In addition to this, the variety of computer products is wide unlike in other places because here it is possible to find “everything”, from brand or assembled computers, printers, storage units, software, consumables, to cell phones, gadgets, components for PC, to mention a few articles.

Similarly, the diversity of brands and establishments is even greater, providing a better comparison between prices and products. Respondents emphasize the lack of promotions or credit, which they say would support the consumer who, given the difficult economic situation currently being experienced, would facilitate the purchase of computer equipment and other accessories.

On the other hand, the respondents rate the service, warranty and technical support as Good. However, a small number of them claim to have knowledge in the matter, which has allowed them to acquire what they really need and not what the seller wants to sell them.

Visitors to these places recommend not to buy from street stalls, where you may find a better price but will lack the guarantee and after-sales technical support.

It is important to mention that of the 19%, only 3% had failures with the purchased product and the store made the total change of it, while 1% did not run with the same fate, the establishment was not responsible.


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