The term “BMI” seems to have entered the diet, weightloss and fitness fray only in the past decade or so. I was totally unaware of this way to count your body fat and your muscle composition until about 5 years ago myself.

I had heard the term bandied about, but I never knew what it actually meant until I did some research on it for an article I was writing on how to reduce body fat safely and what a good weight was for your height.

Essentially, what I was writing about WAS in itself BMI, since the very thing that BMI (Body Mass Index) measures, is your weight, calculated along with your height, and then it comes up with a number that is either good or bad, depending on the standards that are set at the time. 

The BMI measurement differs between the sexes, like so many other measurements do.  For women, they often report they are more satisfied with their bodies when their BMI is between 20 to 22.  I tend to feel my fittest and trimmest – my HEALTHIEST, somewhere in this range myself. 


In fact, I feel like I look good and feel good when I’m closer to the 20 BMI number, but that’s just my personal comfort zone. 

For men, a good BMI usually tends to be 23 to 25.  Anything lower than these average BMI’s for men and women means that you definitely don’t need to lose any weight, and that your average longeivty is longer than those with higher BMI’s.

What is a Good BMI to Have?

You can find BMI calculators online in many places, so you just plug in your weight and your height, usually along with your sex, and you get that magic BMI number. Then you can determine whether you think you need to shed a few pounds or not.

It really depends on what your personal comfort level is as well. You should definitely pay attention to this measurement, because it is somewhat of an indicator of your overall health since so much of our health is connected to our weight. 

However, don’t put all stock in it. If you feel good and have minimum health and medical issues, yet this number is just a little off, then well, I say you just blow it off!

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