What Is PCB Cloning
What Is PCB Cloning


PCB Cloning is known as PCB Copy or PCB duplication. It is a reversely researching technology based on existing physical PCB boards, and make a copy of it. It is the integrated tasks of PCB reverse engineering, IC unlocks (also referred to as IC crack), PCB prototype and debug, then re-production. Visit here; icunlock-mcucrack.com

PCB Cloning, that is, under the premise that there are already physical objects and circuit boards of electronic products, the reverse analysis technology is used to reversely analyze the circuit board, and the original product PCB file, bill of materials (BOM) file, schematic file, as well as the other production documents, such as PCB Gerber and PCB silkscreen.

In the meantime, use IC unlock technology to extract the Bin or Hex code from the programmable ICs on board to make sure that the cloned board will be functioning the same. Then use all these engineering documents and production documents for PCB re-production, component soldering, flying probe test, circuit board debugging, in order to complete the entire copy of the original circuit board as the sample.

How PCB Cloning Would Help PCB Re-Design & Development

PCB Cloning is a reverse research technology that uses a series of reverse research techniques to obtain a PCB design, circuit schematic, and a BOM for an existing & manual electronic design. A new product development that used to take two or three years to develop, now through reverse engineering technology, may take only a few months to complete.

In the past decade, the development of electronic technology has been changing with each passing day, and many electronic products have been upgraded at least once a year. Future electronic product updates may be faster.

Many electronics engineers have felt that simply using conventional R&D methods can no longer meet the fast steps of modern electronic product replacement, and since there have been millions of manual designs in the market, reverse engineering becomes an approach to fast adopt the market pace and catch up the top runners.

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Legal Boundary Of PCB Cloning

Reverse engineering technology plays an important role in the development of the integrated circuit industry. However, since the birth of the entire concept, it has been widely argued for its legitimacy.

Reverse engineering is committed to the second development of the original product design ideas, through the circuit analysis and data extraction, product design, adding new design concepts and functional modules, based on the original product to achieve rapid innovation and update Replacement, help enhance the overall competitiveness of the electronics industry.

January 2007 China’s Supreme People’s Court promulgated the “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Unfair Competition in Civil Cases,” stipulating that trade secrets obtained by means of self-development or reverse-engineering shall not be deemed as relevant to the Unfair Competition Law The provisions of the violation of trade secrets.

The judicial interpretation also stipulates that reverse engineering refers to the technical means obtained from the open channel demolition of products, mapping, analysis, and access to the product of the technical information. After the parties know the commercial secrets of others by improper means, they also advocate that the act of acquisition is lawful and not supported on the ground of reverse engineering.


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