Where to find free and cheap images for your blog posts

A picture is worth 1000 words”, this old saying explains the need for free and cheap images for your blog posts. If you run a blog, you should be adding relevant images to the blog posts to make them interesting and at the same time exemplify the content that you are speaking about.

However, you cannot afford to use any picture that you see and download on the internet, because most pictures are copyright protected and you don’t possess the right to publish or use it in any form without obtaining proper permission from the owner.

If you don’t want to infringe upon other people’s copyright images, there are some alternatives for you that will allow you to add pictures to your blog posts with no such risks involved.

Two types of licenses have been made particularly for the free pictures. They are public domain pictures and creative commons attribution license. Both these licenses allow you to use the pictures anywhere, but still, you have to be careful and not use public domain pictures with a logo present in them.


Let me highlight places where you can get free and cheap images for your blog posts, without getting into copyright issues.

Images for free

Stock Xchng

Numerous free images can be found on the Stock Xchng website. Most of the photographers from various parts of the world contribute these images. Both amateur and professional photographers submit their content to this site. Although the images are free to be used, some photographers might ask you to credit them with a link.

Some others might appeal to you to ask permission before you use their image. Most of the photographers, however, don’t ask for anything, and so you are free to use their images.


Photogen is another free image provider. You need to sign up as a user [which is also for free] to download the images present on their website. It is, however, better to read their “terms of use” page, before you opt to download and use their images on your blog posts.

Public domain photos

Pictures downloaded from these websites can be used for commercial use too, without having to give the credit to the author, but still, if you wish you can always give credit to the author.

images for your blog posts
images for your blog posts


Flickr is a website wherein people upload personal images but you can still use them. You can use the images with the “Creative Commons License” tag, which most people use to tag their pictures. You will be asked to give credit to the owner of the image by just linking his/her Flickr page, and sometimes you might be asked to use the images for noncommercial purposes only.

To know the licensed pattern which an image possesses, have a look in the “License” option which is present very near to the photo on the right-hand side. If the license says “All Rights Reserved”, you cannot use it, however, if it says “Some Rights Reserved”, you have to click on the link to know about the conditions termed by the author to allow you to use the image.

You can also use the search option to search only Creative Commons-licensed images in Flickr. You can also make use of the search function present in the “Creative Commons” website, which provides Creative Commons License pictures from all over the World Wide Web.

Sites providing cheap images

If you think that a free image is not your cup of tea, you are welcome to use other websites that provide great images for a low price.


This website has numerous images and you can download pictures to use them in your blog easily for $0.75. It is said that this particular website has over 10 million pictures hosted altogether.


This website has more images and their price is $1 for small pictures and you can search for pictures that match your content easily.

Using discount coupon codes

If you don’t have the budget to opt for those images, you can always consider using discount coupons provided by various websites to get images with great discounts. We run a discount coupon blog that solely features Jupiter images and stock photo discount deals.

Shutterstock provides great discounts with coupon codes to be used to avail of the discounts. It is said that Shutterstock provides a 15% discount on some of the images bought.

Stockphotocoupon is another website that offers discount codes for stock photos and stock illustrations. You can use the discount codes present on their website or other websites such as Getty Images, lowly gallery, Corbis images, and many more to avail of great discounts.

That’s not all, you have even more. Check out Jupiter images promo codes and stock photo promotion codes for discount deals on images for blog posts. Jane also writes for a blog that promotes Jupiter images and stock photo discount deals.



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