Why is Twitter Better than Facebook for Startups or Businesses?
Twitter Better than Facebook for Startups or Businesses?

We all know that social networks like Facebook & micro-blogging networks like Twitter have changed the lives of people in a way that now we cannot even imagine our lives without these. As it has become an essence for normal people, it is for start-ups or businesses as a promotion tool and also for getting feedback from their customers regarding their product or services.

Facebook facilitates all of these by providing business owners to create their profiles, create brand pages, create applications on Facebook platforms & also interact with their customers through chat.

Twitter on the other hand is a microblogging network where users tweet in 140 characters & their followers get those messages on their profile page.

Here we are giving you all those factors why Twitter is far better than Facebook as far as start-ups or businesses are concerned-

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1. Twitter follows one simple rule – the KISS principle which means keep it simple and short. Users are only allowed to tweet 140 characters per tweet, So there is no point in mentioning any unuseful lines or words.

2. This is the major plus point of Twitter bcoz everybody wants that they should get only the most important lines that are of their interest. Suppose someone posts 10-20 lines about their latest offer or deals, and you have to find out the lines where the actual offer is written (the rest all are eye-catchy slogans ). So this is where Twitter is advantageous.

3. Hashtags are one of the most important factors based on which users can identify the category the tweets belong to (although they are optional, they should be used). For example, if any startup tweets something and then finishes the tweet with #job then this is quite easy to recognize that, it is regarding any new openings. Similarly, popular hashtags like #event #offer #discount, etc can be used based on the content of the tweet.

4. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn`t have different kinds of spam applications that really hampers social networking. For example, Facebook applications like Pick which friend, which cartoon character your friends are, your Facebook id card & many more. These types of applications just fill your Facebook wall & do not provide anything useful. So this is where Facebook is behind twitter.

5. People who are your customers or prospective customers follow you and receive your tweets (You can’t add followers just like sending friends requests on Facebook) So this may lead to a 100% conversion rate as only those people who are following you are getting those offers/deals through you tweets & not anyone else.

6. Twitter is quite simple to use as compared to Facebook. There are many applications that allow you to send your tweets directly to your Facebook, Linkedin, or google+ profiles avoiding the hassle of opening each account and posting individually.

7. There is an application known as Selective Tweets which posts all your tweets to Facebook which are ending with a #fb tag. So Twitter can act as your only social network & still you can update all your social networks simultaneously.

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