Write For Us

If you think that you are an all-rounder and you want to unleash your passion then you are at right place. You should never waste your creativity rather, your creativity can be turned into a piece of writing. If you have an idea about so many things and you love writing on different niches then what are you waiting for? You should not waste your creativity, rather invest in something good.

This is a great chance of Write For Us Paid and you should not let it go. Here, on this platform, you will be able to expertise your creativity level and make people woo. Although you need to have prior experience of writing, otherwise you will not be able to create a unique piece. However, we would love to share all the necessary details about us so that you can start to Write Today. Let’s find out the details below.

Who Are We?

This must be the first question that came to your mind when we were giving you this opportunity. Well, at crazylearner.org we invite people who have expertise in so many different niches. As we do not believe in stick to some particular niche and provide people with different ideas and solutions. If you are someone who loves experimenting with different topics, then this would be the perfect platform for you to shower your ideas.

Write For Us And Get Paid is obviously a limited time opportunity and we would like each of them on board who knows how to create something unique. Although you will have to follow a few things if you want to be on board and we will share the details below.

How Can You Start?

Since you are interested in Marketing Write For Us, we would like to guide you with every small detail. So, you do not have confusion or any other issues while writing.

  • First of all, you will have to send a mail to us along with your Write List.
  • After receiving your mail our team will go through the list. If we have shortlisted you then you will receive a confirmation mail. This process will take enough time and you need to wait till then.
  • Once we will select your writing, you will have to submit the first blog written by you.
  • After that, our team will proofread and scrutinize the blog and they will check whether it will serve our needs or not. The team will decide to post the blog or not and then let you know accordingly.
  • The whole review process will take a minimum of 7 days and you will have to wait till then.
  • Your writing should be top-notch. Remember, you will only be selected on the basis of your unique thoughts.

Hopefully, the Seo Write For Us information has been explained to you properly!

What Are The Blog Post Guidelines?

If you are interested in Write For Us Blog then you need to know a few things given below!

  • You will have to write an introduction and the introduction should be eye-catchy as well as attention-grabbing capacity. You will have to remember that the introduction part is the most important part and from there only, readers will decide whether they should continue or not. Hope to receive a unique introduction from you. 
  • Next, the writing piece should have at least two-three subheads and one main title. This is very important and you need to follow the proper format no matter what the word count is.
  • If you try focusing on your own experience and write from that, then the readers will be able to connect with you.
  • You can also include your vision like how you are judging that particular topic. Being the writer your point of view is very important for readers.
  • To make it catchy, you may try to make them understand your point of view as well.
  • You need to send the writing in the “word” formation otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

Well, you can now officially start Business Write For Us!

Where Can I Submit My Writing?

If you want to submit your blog then you will have to go to the homepage and there you will find an email id. You need to take the email id and the send us an email mentioning everything that are required. Once, you will get a confirmation mail from our end, you can start Home Write For Us.

Final Words:

Well, we have explained everything that are necessary and you need to follow the rules rigorously to be on the board! We would be happy to include you on our board at crazylearner.org