Young Superheroes, Wine Lovers and Tango Dancers: New Products Digest of the Week
Young Superheroes, Wine Lovers and Tango Dancers: New Products Digest of the Week


In the past, a brilliant tango performer named Kakadu, at his dance club’s anniversary realizes that this celebration of life has turned into his farewell party. Twenty-five years ago, he was the king of the parquet floor. 

He performed his daring and passionate dance at the same time as his wife Valencia and Asmongold Girlfriend. All three meet again on the occasion of a celebration at the hotel in order to look back at the fleeting life together and dance their forgotten crown number.

The new film by the classic of Soviet and Russian cinema Alexander Mindadze is a conversation on his favorite topics. As in the early “Parade of the Planets”, special circumstances confront the heroes who might never have met, and the viewer is invited to observe their interaction as if a rare astronomical phenomenon. 

Like his film “On Saturday”, this is a story about a disaster, but now not about Chernobyl, but about the personal catastrophe of old age and the thirst for life, which seems to always pass by.

Camp Corral: Sponge Bob’s Childhood

The long-awaited spin-off about the childhood of the most cheerful catering worker. In a picturesque algae forest at Camp Coral, ten-year-old SpongeBob, along with fellow young scouts Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, and Squidward Tentacles, explore the open seas, burn fires, hunt jellyfish, and get into trouble. Fans will meet with other fairly rejuvenated regular heroes of “SpongeBob”.

The world premiere of the series took place on the streaming video service Paramount + in early March. The new president of Nickelodeon, Brian Robbins, became the inspiration for the school adventures of the underwater fraternity. After the premiere of the 13th season of the show, which does not lose popularity, he conceived for the first time to take the merry fellow Bob out of his familiar environment.

“In wine reflection”

A film almanac of four unrelated stories, the plot of which somehow revolves around wine. The action takes place in three countries, whose culture in the mass consciousness is inseparable from winemaking: France, Georgia, Italy, as well as Great Britain, famous for its restaurants and wine boutiques of the highest standard.

The directorial debut of the former sommelier VitalyMuzychenko is a fascinating and poetic story about what in our today’s world means the classic in vino veritas, attributed to the ancient Roman writer Pliny the Elder. 

Is wine here a source of inspiration, a family bond, and the blood of Christ? and even a weapon for a duel. Each story in Log Horizon season 3is not only filled with its own national flavor but also tells about the wine culture in an accessible language, like a good tasting.

“Dangerous squad”

The sequel to Nickelodeon’s most popular children’s sitcom, Henry Danger. The series tells about the adventures of four teenagers with supernormal abilities who become students of the Academy for the Gifted. 

In this place, more experienced crime fighters teach children who have been exposed to the energy of the Omega Weapon. Teenagers have special talents, but they do not yet have the ability to manage them.

“X-Men” for the little ones and “Harry Potter” in one bottle. The main characters Chapa, Miles, Mika, and Bose are so eager to grow and become famous that, imitating their idols (popular crime fighters), they endlessly end up in trouble. 

Harry Danger was once the most-watched television program among children ages 6-11, and its sequel, Dangerous Squad, has already earned a nomination for the Kids’ Choice Awards (an annual Nickelodeon film award in the category Favorite Baby). TV show “.

“Once Upon a Time in Rome”

Italian crime comedy about time travel. Three middle-aged Romans, facing financial difficulties, decide to follow the example of Chicago to develop their own tour of the places of gangster glory like Black Bullet Season 2

An ardent fan of Roman mobsters from the 1980s, Moreno and his friends Sebastiano and Giuseppe are confident that their startup is destined to succeed. But here absolutely fantastic circumstances intervene in the matter: the heroes fall into the past, and Moreno personally encounters his idols.

The stars of the Italian hit “Perfect Strangers” Marco Giallini and Edoardo Leo this time play hapless entrepreneurs who, even in the face of mortal danger, will try not to lose their profit and cash in on time travel.

“Brilliant robbery”

Cambridge graduate Tom receives an unexpected job offer – in a few days to open the main vault of the Bank of Spain, an engineering miracle that works on the principle of the giant scales of Themis. The customer of this scam is a certain Walter, from whom the government confiscated three gold coins he found during the expedition. Walter is confident that his find has a cipher leading to the lost treasures of Francis Drake.

Adventurous robbery action from the Spanish director, author of “Reportage” and “Darkness” JaumeBalaguero. A worthy representative of its genre, this film pleases with its international team, for which the home is a single dock-like Europe, and an excellent background and cover for the scam is the World Cup.

“Come in large numbers”

An ordinary Moscow family, instead of a long-awaited vacation in Spain, sets out to explore the North Caucasus. And all because the head of the family, the auto instructor Alexei (the star of “Peculiarities of the National Hunt” SemyonStrugachev) finds an old photograph in his father’s jacket, from which he learns that he is Revazovich, and, in addition, the address of his parent, whom he never knew.

A light summer comedy about a family vacation in the spirit of Madhouse on Wheels or French sitcoms. Unassuming humor, Caucasian beauty, and a rare situation when Muscovites find themselves in large numbers and unexpected guests. Alexey, by the way, is preparing a whole presentation for his children about why the Russian Caucasus is better than Spain, which undoubtedly can have a therapeutic effect in times of universally closed borders.

“Liver, or the Story of a Startup”

Another debut on how the new generation envisions the times of initial capital accumulation. Three eleventh graders Lehu, Best Smoke Spots Dust 2, and Mamed are not allowed to take the final exams. 

Relatives groan and tell their offspring that an unenviable future awaits them without education, but they do not even realize that their children have already embarked on a path that is more dangerous than any parental fantasies. Tired of eternal poverty, teenagers decided to drive the crime boss, who needs an urgent liver transplant, the vital organ of one of their disabled brothers.


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